Epocu – a free and easy way to hype upcoming games

Epocu – a free and easy way to hype upcoming games

Postby kunju » 01 Jul 2014, 12:17

Hey guys,
We're a small danish company called Kunju Studios who love games and have previously worked on tools for gamers and game developers.

Over the past months we have been working on a way to put the work and ideas of indie game developers in the spotlight. What we’ve come up with is Epocu.


Envisioned to be a hub for upcoming games and game concepts, Epocu offers developers a unique opportunity to test their ideas and assumptions before investing time in it. Upon presenting the idea, developers can set up the interest goal to see if they can achieve the critical mass of people interested in their game concept. Once the interest goal you set up is achieved, a message of your choice will be shared through the social media of your supporters at the time you think you would benefit most from the buzz and attention it deserves.


We hope you will check it out and help us make the platform that the indie game development deserves. Epocu is completely free to use and it always will be, in hopes that the attention created helps you find investors, a fanbase as well as lay down a solid foundation for a kickstarter campaign.

If you’re interested to learn more about us, you can check it out in more detail here. http://epocu.com

Feel free to leave us your feedback or suggestions in the comments; we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible! :-)
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