YouTube Series on Spectacular Design

YouTube Series on Spectacular Design

Postby johnnydoeballs » 06 Jun 2014, 07:30


Searching for videos about game design and game studies on YouTube some time ago, here're the amazing results I found: pretty much zip. I like to learn about how to make good games. I'm sure any dev in the Game Maker Community does. Well now there's an easy way to learn principles of what makes good games great.

Welcome to GameBrew! It's a YouTube series I started just recently; in fact I uploaded episode 4 last Sunday. I take a simple and fun approach to exploring concepts for improving any game. ... acfBe5vpWg

There's a survey at the end of the video; take it and I may mention you in next week's episode (come around next week to see the results of the poll).

I'm hungry for comments and greatly appreciate any that you leave on the site. Thumbs it up if you like it! :thumbsup: Thank you very much.

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Any comments?
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