Postby charlie » 30 May 2013, 13:53

The idea is simple; a gladiator game with a 3rd person view.

Would be quick to get off the floor - simple block vs attack model. AI initially just advance and attack.

Pros: low asset (1 arena, 1 character, 1 weapon model to get started)
Cons: developing a more interesting combat model will be non-trivial (animations, AI)

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Re: Gladiators

Postby Julius » 30 May 2013, 16:39

Yeah and half naked guys are easy to model from base meshes ;)
However the problem is really the animations, which would have to be really well done for the game to be fun at all.

Gameplay mechanics should probably mimic Savage2 duels, which is the only 3rd person melee game I know of that is remotely fun in that regard (hmm ok that old Wiking game, I think "Rune" was also fun).

Edit: maybe a bit high-poly, but this guy would fit right in: ... -barbarian
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Re: Gladiators

Postby Justglen » 04 Jun 2013, 06:27

Your idea reminds me of a Blender Game video I watched on Youtube a couple of years ago. You might want to check out some of this guy's videos for some ideas.

I don't know if he is still working on the game "Sword&Shield" or not, but it can give you some influence on the animations for you game if nothing else.
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Re: Gladiators

Postby farcodev » 20 Jun 2013, 04:47

You could add a sort of "career" mode in this kind of game
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