Greek translation

Greek translation

Postby JIMG4 » 28 Jul 2013, 11:59

Hello edward i send you a message at check plz. I am interested in helping u for the Greek traslation or something else for an assignement. Send me an e-mail if u are interested
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Re: Greek translation

Postby Edward_Lii » 28 Jul 2013, 22:01

Hello JIMG4,

Translating the game is a good idea. :)
The only problem is that there's no string freeze for the upcoming version yet, so some strings might change.
Anyway, here's some information about translating on our wiki:
You should translate the latest version, so you'll have to compile the game yourself:

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask. ;)
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Re: Greek translation

Postby vaggelas » 14 Feb 2015, 08:03

Hi mate, i just finished a Greek Translation for V 0.41 GUI (didn't see any on the game and no reply in this post so i assume it is still missing). Doing some checks and verifications to see if everything seems logical on the game, and it will be ready in a couple of days i assume.

If you want it, let me know to give you a link.
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