[Suggestions] All type of suggestions :D

[Suggestions] All type of suggestions :D

Postby PampoKiraly » 26 Oct 2020, 14:42

Hello again!
(yes, I mean "again")

I got some brand new (not all of them are brand new, but who cares?) suggestions for this game! I sorted them into three categories:
"Logic": Suggestion mostly for logic map makers
"Technical": Suggestion mostly for players who makes maps more on the technical side (drawing programs, chess, etc...) (Most of them are in this category bc I am a "technical player")
"Both": Suggestion, that is usefull for any type of players! :D

Alright! Enough talking! Here are the suggestions:
  • Pushables can press buttons ("Both"): Every game I played (or watched) (example: portal) that had buttons and boxes in it, boxes were able to press all the buttons. I think this should be also the case here in Me & My Shadow! I really hope that this gets added because I need to replace my shadow with a "controller box".
  • Shadow buttons (Logic): This is what I see when I look at the toolbar in the level editor: Block - Shadow block, Fragile block - Shadow fragile block, Spike - Shadow spike - etc - etc, Button - Wait what? There is no shadow button at all which doasen't makes any sense imo.
  • Camera controll blocks (Technical): This suggestion can be used by any type of players, but not really needed for logic map makers. I already made this suggestion on github so I'm not going to go into the details. You can find the github issue here: https://github.com/acmepjz/meandmyshadow/issues/61
  • Resizeable building tool (Both): Ik.. this is a really bad name for this suggestion, so let me just explain what this is. Rightclicking the building tool, would make a popup "idkwhatitis" pop up, that looks kinda the same as the popup stuff when you right click a block. Here you can set the weidht, and the height of the building tool. This can also be achived by holding a hotkey (N for weidht, and M for height), and scrolling with the mouse wheel up, or down.
  • Arrow performance setting (Technical+): https://github.com/acmepjz/meandmyshadow/issues/60
  • More path controll (Technical): I got a few ideas for this, but mostly what I want is to be able to start moving blocks from stops with an another lever that is connected to the stop. This would been amazing! I would also like a "teleporting speed" which is self explanatory.
  • Organized toolbar (Both): Maybe just make this into a setting, but organizing them the following way would make building much easier: "Normal stuff", "Shadow stuff", "Other stuff"
  • More brownish shadow pushable (Both): Unlike the normal pushable, the shadow pushable blends in way too much into the other shadow blocks. I think a little bit of brown (to make it very dark brown-grey) would work.
  • Lan multiplayer (Logic): idk if the Lan is the correct word, but what I want is to be able to set up a local "server", and let others from other computres join. There are three ways in my head on how a two player mode could be implemented: "Two players control two shadows", "One player is the player, and the other is the shadow", "The two players control two players, but both can control only one shadow at the same time (this sounds fun, and frustating at the same time)"

I hope any of these gets added (I set them up in an order that I want the topmost suggestion the most)!
Have a nice day! :D
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Re: [Suggestions] All type of suggestions :D

Postby PampoKiraly » 29 Oct 2020, 16:52

Update on the list:
  • Swapped Camera controll blocks, with Shadow blocks.
  • Added Resizeable building tool to the 4th. place
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