Me and My Shadow 0.5.1 Alpha 2

Me and My Shadow 0.5.1 Alpha 2

Postby acme_pjz » 10 Jul 2019, 17:28

Hello everyone,

After the 0.5.1 Alpha I received several bug reports and suggestions. I think most of them are fixed so I bump the version to 0.5.1 Alpha 2 and asking for more feedback.

Brief list of changes since 0.5.1 Alpha:

{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
* General
  * add the window icon for non-Windows platform
  * several text rephrases and typo fixes
  * some fixes to achievements
  * restrict the file extension to "map" in level file enumeration
  * improves the control configuration screen
* Game
  * two new levels in tutorial by Wuzzy
  * we have different images for automatic teleporter and for
    teleporter without destination (after the attempt to enter it) by Wuzzy (experimental)
  * some new blocks according to suggestion of Wuzzy
    * fragile shadow block
    * shadow spikes and moving shadow spikes
    * pushable shadow block (experimental, debating)
  * some fixes to cooperation level pack by GunChleoc
  * show more detailed messages when
    * the player tries to record, or to use portal/swapper/etc. but failed
    * the camera mode changes
    * more...
  * now the game can be paused while playing, and you can move the camera while the game is paused
* Graphics
  * some new achievement icons, etc. by Wuzzy
  * character push animation in Cloudscape by Tuomas Siipola
* some other fixes and usability improvements...

Bugs/suggestions not considered yet:

* Temporarily disable right-to-left languages
* pushable shadow block logic issue: ... 647#p85594
* Box physics problems ... 48&t=11717
* grouping the achievements ... 104#p85438

Since it is an alpha version, I'm not planning to upload the binary to Sourceforge or Github. You can compile the game from source of download the nightly build at ... uild#files .

The translation template is just updated, and you are welcome to translate the game at . However, the translation file for cooperation level pack is not uploaded to Hosted Weblate yet :( You're asked to translate it in the classical way.

Any feedback is welcome :).
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Re: Me and My Shadow 0.5.1 Alpha 2

Postby Wuzzy » 10 Jul 2019, 18:12

Nice! :)
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