Insanity and Sanity and the self-critic.

Insanity and Sanity and the self-critic.

Postby shirish » 09 Mar 2017, 18:50

There was a thread locked which wasn't needed to be. There was a person called 'Freud' who apart from saying that every person thinks about sex every 7 seconds and most men have a thing for their mother, also said that more than 85% of human-kind suffers from some mental dis-order or the other. While I have no idea and no resources to know or even judge one way or the other, I would say does it matter ?

I come from India where in our mythology, spiritual understanding it has been told and shared that the mind is pretty fickle. It can and does conjure up fairy-tales and nightmares to keep us, the body and spirit under its control. The self-critic. The only way of breaking that cycle is just to bear witness to whatever the mind says without having a reaction to it. Of course, easier said than done. The mind does conjure some of the most seductive dreams that you could think of as well as the most destructive nightmares you can think of. See all those Post-apocalyptic survival horror games, those are the dark dreams .

Rather than getting into the pointless discussion of whether one is insane or not, perhaps a better question would have been whether we can empathize with each other, whether we can tolerate each other and simply whether we can go along with each other's differences.

Let me share an example. Last year I went to an international technical conference and had no idea how to greet and react to people who are not from my culture. As you know each culture has its mannerisms, for e.g. what westerners call as the confounding Indian head-bob where a slight tilt of the head means one thing or the other and which most people in my country even meeting for the first time will know what that tilt/shake of the head meant.

And sure enough 8 out of 10 people smiled and interacted with me, while 1 or 2 were sullen with me for whatever reason . I still had my stupid grin no matter whether they smiled or not as I didn't want to be let down when so many people have been positive towards me. I probably give more weight to whether I'm able to interact with people 1:1 rather with the question am I insane or not?

FTR I am probably am insane a bit and probably most FOSS people are as we are crazy bunch of people who have probably around 1-1.5 % of the market share in the market and still think we can take over the world, and most of them are nerds or wanna-be nerds.
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Re: Insanity and Sanity and the self-critic.

Postby Duion » 10 Mar 2017, 09:58

One of the biggest insanities of our time is the inability to accept critique. Today as soon as you criticize anyone or anything, people get angry at you, attack you and then censor or ban you. The big problem with such a behavior is, that if you can never look at critique, you can never improve. I see that behavior a lot, especially in this community as well, since I had several posts deleted already, because they could offend insane people who could get angry at critique. With those wilful ignorant people there is no way to get along except through ignorance.
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Re: Insanity and Sanity and the self-critic.

Postby Lyberta » 11 Mar 2017, 09:18

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can break my soul.
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Re: Insanity and Sanity and the self-critic.

Postby Jastiv » 27 Dec 2018, 07:29

I hate to say this but, I know Duion is absolutely right. The key is not to take critique personally, it is easier said than done. Just remember, because some random person on the internet says you should give your up game project and it is dead, doesn't mean that should actually be what you should do. Not all criticism is useful or valid. But you know, if you get good bug reports, even if the bugs are bad, that means someone is actually playing the game and trying to get it fixed.
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