My partially open game

My partially open game

Postby Lachu » 05 Feb 2019, 20:00

I have creating Battle Of 7 game - based on 7kaa source code. I prefer to keep the name and trademarks, but cannot, so I use only source code. I wait many years for someone, who will help me with graphics and code of conduct (game was created as part of gaming portal, with additional services, like keeping saves in the cloud). I never end waiting.

Many years went, so I decided to complete this game. As first step I will release the android version. I need money to achieve this, so please help.
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Re: My partially open game

Postby dulsi » 21 Mar 2019, 16:29

You really need to work on your crowdfunding presentation. I would suggest having perks which give something rather than just giving you money. What will you do for this project? You've take 7kaa source code, removed name/trademark, and compiled it with emscripten. So what kind of work did that involve? How will the money be spent? Will you be commissioning artwork or creating them yourself? If commissioning, have you contacted artists to determine how much it will actually cost? The 7kaa code is GPL. You will need to release any changes to the source code. I would explain that on the page. If you are doing crowd funding, you should be doing updates. Marketing is your job during the crowd funding stage. If you have completed projects, I would put them on information about you. If you don't have completed projects, you probably should complete some. I'm very reluctant to back established developers for software projects. It would be very difficult for someone without any completed projects to get me to back them.
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