Why are paid indie games excused for more flaws than FOSS?

Why are paid indie games excused for more flaws than FOSS?

Postby STL26 » 02 May 2021, 21:58

I've noticed a lot of indie games recently with less content or polish than flash or FOSS games get excused for "being a indie game", I know indie games don't have a AAA budget, but if FOSS and even browser games can achieve that, why not indies? Let's take one of the most popular indies, Among Us. This game was probably the fastest selling nintendo switch game with 3 million sales on the platform in 15 days alone. But despite that, the contents of the game are extremely lackluster. Only 4 maps, there was 3 before April 2021. And the updates are extremely slow. But the game is highly positively received, and any criticism gets met with replies like "it's a indie game, calm down" But there are so many FOSS games like SuperTuxKart which have much faster updates. And the maps in that game are 3D, meaning they need do add tons of detail and models compared to the simple 2d maps. The graphics are also some of the more poor and dated looking 2D graphics. Also, the game has tons of bugs, which are also accepted by the fans due to "being a indie game". Despite the massive money the game has earned, it's struggling compared to FOSS games. But FOSS games can release updates so fast, despite their game having no monetization and only small donations money. Another example is the game "Celeste" The gameplay in this one is really good, but the pixel art looks worse than many actual 16-bit games, the characters have no eyes, and some sprites look like they got passed through a color reduction filter. And many indie games need a kickstarter for worse quality games than free open source. Yes, FOSS games had many updates of evolution, but even at the earliest stages in their 2000s versions, some still have better art than what indie games have "due to limited budget" despite the fact indies are commercial games and these FOSS games have almost zero budget. So how does this happen? Are the developers just lazy? A mainstream paid indie game really shouldn't be worse than a obscure free open source game. It's worrying for the indie game industry if paid games offer less than free open source games with no microtransactions or ads or any monetization.
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Re: Why are paid indie games excused for more flaws than FOS

Postby Julius » 03 May 2021, 11:54

FOSS games are usually labour of love developed over years, while Indie games need to put food on the plate of the developer. It is really apples Vs. oranges.
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Re: Why are paid indie games excused for more flaws than FOS

Postby dulsi » 03 May 2021, 12:23

People have different expectations from a 2D vs 3D game. Among Us is going to get more credit in the public eye because it is an original game. (Before you say it isn't original because of game X, it is original because it is first time many people saw the concept.) While SuperTuxKart has original elements, it is a kart racing game and will immediately be compared to Super Mario Kart and similar games. This is perhaps the biggest problem with FOSS games becoming popular. We tend to copy other designs. I don't have a problem with that but it does make it harder to catch the attention of gamers.

Unlike Among Us, I have Celeste but have not played it yet. Looking at the trailer video on Steam, I think you underestimate the level of polish in that game. FOSS games don't tend to have animations like you see in the clip. Yeah some games do but most FOSS games has simplistic animations like a walk cycle. They don't have unique animations for cut scenes. An rpg maker user complained about an rpg maker game became popular without anything special. The first response comment on a kiss scene in the beginning. They had custom animation for it instead of just putting two sprites next to each other and explaining in text. As for Celeste's artwork not being good that's subjective. I think the sprites are nice and don't have a problem with missing eyes. When doing pixel are you have to get just the essence of the characters so some details will be missing.
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Re: Why are paid indie games excused for more flaws than FOS

Postby Technopeasant » 05 May 2021, 02:38

Honestly I think the pace of updates is part of the problem for FOSS games. They are essentially never finished, so I never feel that inclined to finish them.

Same reason I don't play early access commercial games either.
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