Tile Culling -- SlopeWalk alg. explained

Re: Tile Culling -- SlopeWalk alg. explained

Postby Akien » 12 Dec 2014, 15:45

IMO, if Ogre already has what we want, and will even improve it in future versions, we should try to accommodate with it. OD has a lot less resources than the Ogre development team, so I would say that since we are using this engine, let's use it to its full potential and benefit from the improvements of its continued development. If we were to implement our own algorithm, I'm not sure that we would be able to maintain it and make it evolve continuously to be better than what Ogre upstream might do.

Even though, I can understand the motivation behind wanting to develop one's own code for a challenging feature; but many open source games get lost in the endless development of custom engines and I don't wish that for OD.
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Re: Tile Culling -- SlopeWalk alg. explained

Postby Danimal » 12 Dec 2014, 18:03

i just want a culler to cram more shit on screen :) ; i dont mind how or where it comes from; i just want it. :cool:
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Re: Tile Culling -- SlopeWalk alg. explained

Postby hwoarangmy » 12 Dec 2014, 22:00

Well, I'm not an Ogre expert but if oln says the Ogre culling is good enough for us, I will follow his judgement.
Concerning the fact an own made cullling algorithm is better that a generic one, I must say I don't agree. For example because Ogre can optimize to do the culling task during rendering (what we cannot do easily).
Moreover, that's typically the kind of stuff I think we should do when we will have a need. Implementing this algorithm will be time consuming and not easy. IMHO, we have more urgent stuff for the game to do.
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Re: Tile Culling -- SlopeWalk alg. explained

Postby Bertram » 13 Dec 2014, 15:24

Ok, then it's settled officially:

Let's drop the culling manager.

@Danimal: I know we are all secretly working for you ;) but please be patient and have faith. The culling stuff is something we might not have to do right now, especially with the fog of war. :)

Best regards and have a nice Week-End, guys.
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