Postby svenskmand » 15 Mar 2011, 00:09

So we are now developing content at a very fast pace, and I think we are beginning to need a credits list, firstly to recognize the people who have contributed but also from a legal standpoint as we are releasing the content under CC-BY-SA 3.0 which requires us to attribute the creators of the content, likewise for the code which is GPL 3.0. I have made a page on the wiki here, so you can add all the stuff that you have made, and then we can make it into a credits list to display in the game. - The best music store on the net, uses CC licenses.
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Re: Credits

Postby oln » 15 Mar 2011, 00:22

Yeah, it is important to do this properly.

Also, there is a page on the wiki here, which I have updated a few times, we should merge that into the credits page.
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