Download repository moved to TuxFamily

Download repository moved to TuxFamily

Postby Akien » 09 Jul 2015, 10:40

Hi there,

There has been some uproar lately in the free software community about SourceForge bundled adware/malware with the Windows installers of some renowned open source projects like GIMP (see e.g. ... ontroversy). This does not touch OpenDungeons directly as we don't provide Windows installers, only a zip with a Win32 binary, but it's more about the ethics: we don't want to support a company which starts bundling adware with projects that free software contributors develop on their free time for the love of the community. The way SourceForge responded to the GIMP controversy also clearly shows that they do not respect their users anymore.

So we decided to close our SourceForge repository (which we only used for file hosting as the code and website are on GitHub), and to use the not-for-profit TuxFamily service, which is aimed at provided free of charge facilities for free software projects exclusively. See this issue for the whole discussion about leaving SourceForge for TuxFamily.

So the new download repository for OpenDungeons is here:

You can also find download stats here:

BTW, the 0.6.0 is really close. Stay tuned!
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