Gpl models you can use

Gpl models you can use

Postby Danimal » 23 Nov 2010, 13:59

Good day, im a fan of dungeon keeper and by chance i found your project a couple of days ago. I also used ogre before moving to unity so after lurking around a bit in your forum i think you can use this old topic in ogre forum to speed up the models development of the project. This guy has gpl licensed some of his models, and i think you will find the squeleton (warrior, lich versions) really usefull among other creepy creeps.

especially this link he gives:

Also, I have some GPLed stuff here too :

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Re: Gpl models you can use

Postby svenskmand » 23 Nov 2010, 15:15

Very nice :), the skeleton knight looks very good :)

Do you know of a place with contact information for this guy? I ask because we use CC-BY-SA to license our content, and I do not think GPL is technically compatible but they have the same spirit so I guess it would be easy to convince him to release them under CC-BY-SA also, which will make it easier for us licensing wise.

Edit: I found his email, on his page :) - The best music store on the net, uses CC licenses.
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