Arts TODO, which order?

Arts TODO, which order?

Postby Danimal » 31 Mar 2015, 21:42

These are the most pressing tasks pending on the art side:

Short term:
Stone bridge model
Improve cannon model
Integrate new creature models/beds
New tileset -> simplified walls/correct empty corners
New Dungeon heart evil/good
Improve portal/create hero portal
Rogue portals/nests

Long term:
New traps
Develop new rooms
Different biomes-> tilesets/hearts

As you can see there is a lot, so which ones do you find the most interesting for a joint development of code? (i dont want to hear anything about materials for a while :eew: )
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Re: Arts TODO, which order?

Postby hwoarangmy » 01 Apr 2015, 08:39

I know you like to improve the existing models but IMHO, the most needing are the cannon trap (because it is really obsolete) and the new kobold (because the one you found looks really nice and will be more in the funny spirit we can hope from a DK clone).
Apart from that, I would say doors, spells (one attack spell like bolt and one heal)
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Re: Arts TODO, which order?

Postby Akien » 01 Apr 2015, 08:47

I think the new tileset should have a high priority too, it's a bit sad for our great looking game to have this black corners on walls, water and lava. The gold, water and lava tiles don't match either.
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Re: Arts TODO, which order?

Postby Bertram » 03 Apr 2015, 22:42

My own (humble) opinion below. (just keep working on one thing at a time, for the technique simply seems to work.) ;)

1. The new worker would get you free of hwoarangmy bragging about it. ;) And it should look cool, indeed.
2. The next gen-forge is the #1 room that should get into OD 0.6.0, so focusing on finishing its models should be high in priority, still IMHO.
3. As next core gameplay elements, doors and bridges are missing. We can't really code them atm without the right models, even if we can use the wooden one for a start when on 0.6.0.
4. The tileset. This has to be done once and for all, IMHO. We have everything needed codewise, it is configurable with all the needed parameters. And it should be rather easy to test for you, even gradually as we now support different tilesets. :)
5. We should focus on gameplay missing creatures: The crypt creature, the keeper range-based creature and adding normals to those missing it. I don't care about adding others than those atm, IMHO.

Improving new portals, temples, ... is nice and can get along within all that, I'd say, when you need a refresher.

Btw, Spells belong more to the particle effects side of things and IMHO, once 0.5.0 is released, it will officially time to open a thread about how to add particle effects in game without killing someone's sanity.

Also, it's nice to see art is lagging behind for once. ;) But don't get too much pressure Danimal, we have plenty of things to polish on our side anyway in the meanwhile.

Later tasks we'll have to keep in mind IMHO (but later, no rush):
- Adding a (configurable) skybox.
- Adding ambient fog.
- Adding weak/subtle light sources on room centers.
- Adding a new tile type: grass (=Dirt). Yes, so we can have inside/outside transitions and make heroes enter a grotto when willing to fight Keepers, for instance. ;)
- Adding (destructible) props: Railway, barrels, trees, ...

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