Any infor on how to get models in for testing?

Any infor on how to get models in for testing?

Postby barnEbiss » 05 Aug 2010, 23:59

I am a modeler and I was wondering is there a written up step by step guide for taking a user made model and getting it into OD?

How are monster classes handled? can one make a new class and drop ones models into it? have the makers of OD thought about enabling user mesh pack in settings so at start of game in options one could select and tell it to use a set monster pack. this would a help speed up development of monsters and same for rooms. like how UT99 and later version allowed mutators that would allow quick swapping of standard weapons and abilities.
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Re: Any infor on how to get models in for testing?

Postby andrewbuck » 06 Aug 2010, 04:13

The models are created in Blender (although you can use any modeling software you like as long as you can export/import the model into blender). Then they are exported from Blender using the Blender Ogre Exporter. Once you have that done you move the .mesh file that the exporter produces to the OpenDungeons/Media/models/ directory, and move the .material file to the OpenDungeons/Media/materials/scripts/ directory. Finally you add the creature class description and the creature itself to the end of the the level file in OpenDungeons/Media/levels/ directory (the file Test.level is the one which loads by default when you start the game).

Can't wait to see your work. If you make some good ones either post them here to the forum or send them to Skorpio (he is in charge of the game art) and he can upload them into SVN for you. Also eventually we can get you dev access for the SVN repo if you end up needing it.

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