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Introduction from Skuzi

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2012, 22:23
by skuzi

I've just been speaking to paul424 on your freenode irc channel.

I am a 2D artist concentrating on kids art at the minute. I would however, really like to get involved with open source games, or any kind of games really.
I see myself as a gamer, not a developer, so I don't really know the lingo, but I do know games, and I know what works and what doesn't.

The game looks interesting, although I don't know what the heck is going on when I click start new game. It's obviously some kind of development place. but not a game yet.

What I want to give you guys is some good 2D art, things like the icons for rooms and spells are pretty basic at the minute, and I would like to think that I could do better.
I'm not trying to beat anyone here, I want to offer help, so if it offends you, I am sorry.

My work:
As you can see, my art has a certain 2D flash game type style, one would expect in a game like super meat boy or buritto bison.
I think I could help, your logo "Open Dungeons" is something I would love to update.

I want to mess a lot more with isometric/pixel art, I know this is big in the "indie" scene and may indeed make a comeback in the AAA market.

Let me know what you think , and how I could help.
Robin Weatherall aka Skuzi

Re: Introduction from Skuzi

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2012, 19:56
by paul424
As with the LeeJames post , I am not the artistic huh director ... What I can suggest is designing the logo for each of the factions in game , as to game Logo svenskmad has to say something .... From that we could try to get some nice flags. I also though of reskinning existing 3d models so we can have more monsters. What kind of a problem you get when clicking 'New Game ' ?

Re: Introduction from Skuzi

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2012, 20:52
by skuzi
No problem, it's just a mass load of monsters and no real game direction

Re: Introduction from Skuzi

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2012, 17:19
by svenskmand
Regarding the logo, the current one stays unless you make something better :) But you are very welcome to show off your ideas and then we will decide from there if we switch logo or not.

Regarding different logos for each faction that could be interesting. But for now I think it is more beneficial to the project if you help us make more icons for the rooms, traps, creatures and the likes.

I have made the current icons, and I intentionally made them very simple, to be very clearly distinguishable, and show what the button/icon represents.

I used the follow design guidelines: 3 "colors", where one is a silverish outline, the "colors" are gradiants with two very similarly colors, e.g. brown and dark brown, etc., the outline of the icon has a black blurred shadow falling to the bottom-right. I have made all 2D art in Inkscape, so that we can rescale the final bitmaps to any size we need, I think we should continue this style, but since you mention that you make flash-like/looking icons anyway I guess you also make them in a vector-based graphics program? So I guess that is not a problem?

Edit: also when you make icons you have to make them in a very specific layered way, for them to be rendered correctly with indications of mouse-hovering, mouse-clicking etc. If you look at the layers and their names in my Inkscape files you will know how to make them :) The layers are from bottom to top: background, the icon artwork, frame (called OutsideBackground, Shine and InsideShadow in the layers in Inkscape), one of the effects disabled, hover or selected/clicked.