Just some quick notes

Re: Just some quick notes

Postby Vandar » 11 Apr 2015, 21:49

Cool. Buy a hydrogen cylinder, a fuel cell array, and you are set for working several hours ;)

For me gardening season starts again, and my computer time is decreasing. I've expanded the area for crops and also for decorative plants. I hope this year I can be self-sufficient on vegetables and fruits from about June till January next year. Late winter/early spring I'll have to buy some vegetables. This year I ran out of stored stuff end of January. My peppers went crazy this year and already flowered and spawned fruits while I still have them in the flat; it's too cold outside, still. So with some luck I'll eat the first self grown pepper of 2015 in four weeks :p
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Re: Just some quick notes

Postby Bertram » 13 Apr 2015, 20:41

That's something I'll try someday. :)
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