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Request for hwarangmy

PostPosted: 29 Jun 2016, 15:48
by paul424
Hello, hwarangmy could you start something for me ? What I would like to work on is the aforementioned bitmap - map editor , what I would need is CEGUI bitmap on which I could later paint various patterns . From what I presume I should copy the behavior of minimap , but if someone wiser would start it ... than I would work on various functions like cricle , ellipse , line , spray , paste-bin etc. Could you start that ? That under Tab or some other key it would switch to bitmap mode .... please please please help me :) .

Re: Request for hwarangmy

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2016, 09:31
by hwoarangmy
IMHO, the most simple would be to create a whole new mode. To do that, you can just dupplicate one of the menu screens (and the corresponding CEGUI sheet).

The cons:
- The map needs to be written each time the mode is switched

The pros:
- The bitmap editor will be pretty well isolated from the editor code which is good since they are really different
- You can just focus on reading/writing the level. There is no need to reflect a change made in one mode in the other at runtime (ie each time the mode is switched, the map is reloaded from the file)
- You will have a new empty CEGUI sheet for the bitmap editor instead of adding them in an existing sheet and having to show/hide what is needed at runtime
- It will be easier to split your commits and merge from time to time since the modes being separated would allow to not activate the functionality until it works (if it was in the editor, we cannot merge stuff that would make the editor not work)

Is it ok for you ? Do you need some help for something ?