FPP mode ....

FPP mode ....

Postby paul424 » 18 Aug 2015, 18:24

Hello I was for longer time thinking about being able to posses creature and walk around the dun geon in -game. I have a question how does information about creature walking is passed in our client-server architecture ? There is for example creatureDrop or creatureSlap but I haven't seen the notification creatureMove. In other words would creating that mode require to send some information to the server or client site ?
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Re: FPP mode ....

Postby Danimal » 19 Aug 2015, 12:32

something i always wanted, but its still too early to think of it.
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Re: FPP mode ....

Postby hwoarangmy » 24 Aug 2015, 08:23

Creature moves are handled on server side (because there is no way to force a creature to move - except by using the console).
Concerning the FPP mode, I almost never used it in DK and don't feel like it is a must have. For this reason, I will probably never do it myself. However, if you want to give a try, I know some other people like Danimal would be interested. So, to answer a question you will probably ask, yes, if you can achieve something that works and well done, it will get merged ;-)
However, about creature possession, I had something in mind more in a Diablo-like use. This is a better option IMO. But that's a feature I won't do before a while (maybe never)

In any case, the main interogation about FPP mode is the reaction time when the player clics. So far, we never experimented lag problems in multiplayer so the architecture might not be a problem. However, FPP mode would probably require better reaction time. If everything goes well, it could be done by adding a Client command allowing to set a direction (triggered when the player presses move keys) and resulting in forcing the move.
Pretty huge changes would also be needed in Creature::doUpkeep to use the forced move and to adapt the behaviour.

To see how this kind of thing are processed, you can have a look at:
ClientNotificationType::askSlapEntity or, more generally, ClientNotificationType::ask...
Then, see how they are created (usually, in the gamemode) and how they are processed (in ODServer).
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