Media Repository

Media Repository

Postby benzinlaca » 18 Apr 2018, 06:46

Now that we have the SVN set up for the media files it would be nice to get filled up with at least one instance of every model, sound, etc, that we currently have. That way it is all in one place, all backed up, and easily updatable by anyone who wants to work on some piece of the content. I am going to try to get the forge, and some of the other content I have worked on into the SVN repository. If everyone else could try to push at least the source files for what they have worked on that would be cool. Once we have all the source files up in their latest format, we should try to go through and get everything into the game. This way whenever we decide to package up a release of the game we can easily do that.
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Re: Media Repository

Postby Danimal » 23 Apr 2018, 22:15

Hi, are you new or one of the old members with a new account? its been some time so i cant remember whats in there, for 3d models and the like i have a safecopy of most sources.
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