Could I ask you some advice about my program?

Could I ask you some advice about my program?

Postby wunaoh » 07 Jul 2017, 08:42

I have written a program about the output value of spi enter to TLV5616CD(datasheet) to have a da change. However,I found that the output voltage of port didn’t have any change. I don’t know whether the reading order of TLV5616CD is wrong? Or is my program wrong?
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void main(void)


        char temp;



        SpiaRegs.SPICTL.bit.TALK=1;//FS pin control


        SpiaRegs.SPICTL.bit.TALK=0;//FS pin control


It enters into read and change by control The FS pin’s falling edge which connects TALK in main function. Then pulling up and finishing and sending function.

void TX_SPI(char c)






。。。。。。There is no any problems
In the initialization:SpiaRegs.SPIBRR=0x07;

Could anybody here help me? Your help will be appreciated!
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