FOSS game engines

FOSS game engines

Postby Wuzzy » 22 Nov 2019, 00:29

There are a couple of FOSS game engines around, e.g. Godot, LÖVE and a bunch more.

I don't have experience with that many game engines yet. Can you please share your own experiences with using FOSS game engines for creating games?
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Re: FOSS game engines

Postby Lyberta » 22 Nov 2019, 21:26

Well, I've been contributing to Xonotic which runs on DarkPlaces and uses QuakeC. QuakeC is close to C so syntax was very easy to learn... but the language is very barebones and very slow. There is single "entity" type and if you want to add a field to it, it is added to all entities. This destroys CPU cache because now in Xonotic there are ~4000 fields for each entity while the code actually uses maybe 10-20 for non-player entities. So ~99% of memory gets wasted.

So, DarkPlaces is pretty horrible and slow. My plan is to fork it and try to fix this by slowly removing QuakeC from it.
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Re: FOSS game engines

Postby dulsi » 22 Nov 2019, 22:48

I have no experience with them. I did just try Marvellous Inc.. Either I did something wrong or there is some incompatibility between love 0.10.2 which the program was written for and 11.2 which comes on Fedora. The 11.0 release was made after 0.10.2 so it isn't a huge difference. That is disappointing.

EDIT: Marvellous Inc. will not support 11.2
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Re: FOSS game engines

Postby Ntech » 23 Nov 2019, 18:10

Here are some game engines I've seen (I've tried about 1/3 of them, those marked with a *) that look promising:

Engines in Rust:

* (See -- Amethyst game engine (2D/3D) -- MIT or Apache 2 (whichever you choose)

Engines in Java: -- FXGL (2D) -- MIT -- OpenRTS (3D) -- MIT

Engines in GO:

* -- Go 3d Game engine (3D) -- BSD2-Clause -- EngoEngine (2D) -- MIT

Engines in Python:

* -- Pyglet is my favorite Python engine -- BSD3-Clause -- Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine, basically for RPGs -- GPL3

Engines in JavaScript: -- PlayCanvas engine (2D/3D) -- MIT

Engines in C/C++: -- LumixEngine, a game-studio with scripting, a scene editor, and more -- MIT
* -- GamePlay engine (2D/3D) -- Apache 2 -- AtomicEngine (2D/3D) -- A mixture of MIT style licenses (it has a lot of dependencies)
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Re: FOSS game engines

Postby domtron » 27 Dec 2019, 02:33

I've been messing around with Urho3D. It seems like a decent engine that supports both 2D and 3D, though i've found it a bit confusing to get started. The examples all build on a template application code which was a bit opaque to me. However, they do have a decent example of a full stand alone project and a lot of documentation.

My work in it was basically taking that complete example and breaking it out into multiple objects/files which could actually be extended into a game (character controls moved to one place, the spinning cube got it's own object that managed the data, etc)

I also ran into some weirdness with lighting when using the terrain object, which is basically allowing you to create the terrain for a level using height maps and textures. Everything would turn black if the camera wasn't faced in a certain arc. That may have just been my noob-ish-ness with 3D stuff or the engine, though.

Anything specific you are trying to do?
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