Unix philosophy in game dev

Re: Unix philosophy in game dev

Postby smcameron » 13 Aug 2019, 02:25

Perhaps assimp isn't a great example. I'm not aware of a C library to read STL files and wavefront OBJ files, but I haven't looked in a long time. I was mainly arguing that my own code is invariably easier *for me* to debug than anyone else's code. In my case, I'm doing this as a hobby. The purpose of my hobby is to have fun. All my decisions are made with this in mind: How fun will this be *for me*.

Edit: There are of course many many libraries I use as is. I mean, you can run ldd on my binaries and get a huge list of libraries I decided were not worth writing myself (along with dependencies *those* libraries dragged in). The majority of code in my programs wasn't written by me.
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