FreeGamer & Jeuxlibres -> Promoting FLOSS games

FreeGamer & Jeuxlibres -> Promoting FLOSS games

Postby Cacatoes » 19 Nov 2013, 22:28

Hello FGD,

I thought it was nice to inform you about what has turned to be more and more a habit, that is me borrowing news from your blog, rewriting them in french to the benefit of the venerable french FLOSS game news website which is :p
Of course, it's not unusual to take sources from a website and rewrite them on others, but here i see it more as a sibling, since as we know there aren't many websites dealing with strictly FLOSS games... is not very new, but turned less and less active over the years, though that doesn't mean what it deals with turned oldfashioned. So all it needs is a bit of manpower to write news, fill the game sheets, and hopefully bring some code refreshment.
I can't tell you so much about its history coz' I'm a rather recent recruit there, but I can tell years ago it was quite a good place to seek for games I could install both on Windows and Linux, play freely, do multiplayer, or simply profit the little libre gems on my own.
Its strong point was its game directory, but since it may have been a bit neglected over the years it may not be the case anymore, and lately more efforts are put into the news. We also have a forum, but its activity is very low, I think it has always been the case, it's more oriented towards players than at developpers who can find better places elsewhere to discuss things (here for instance ;))

French websites dealing with FLOSS or Linux games form a well-connected network (,, though Jeuxlibres may be the one which is the closest of FGD in the idea.

To give more precisions about the articles which are written there, it's not strict translations of yours, and other sources are used along, I tend to give credits for them. The CMS is quite minimal and we can't easily fit images in the articles which I find a bit frustrating and doesn't allow us to make the nice things we'd want, though this may change in the future.

I'll conclude by saying: don't be surprised if you see some MegaGlest and Lips Of Suna news popping up on JeuxLibres in the next few days, and keep up the good work as usual :p
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Re: FreeGamer & Jeuxlibres -> Promoting FLOSS games

Postby charlie » 19 Nov 2013, 23:55

The spirit of FOSS is sharing, so I'm happy that French readers have a source for their Free game news!
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Re: FreeGamer & Jeuxlibres -> Promoting FLOSS games

Postby Julius » 20 Nov 2013, 13:03

Cool, although most of what I post is hardly worth translating :p Feel free to use our posts as inspiration for new on your site though.

However (not that I mind much), currently you are not giving us the required attribution as by CC-BY-SA license which is what our articles are posted under.
Maybe you can add a FreeGamer banner and link somewhere on the site?
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Re: FreeGamer & Jeuxlibres -> Promoting FLOSS games

Postby Cacatoes » 20 Nov 2013, 19:04

@Julius, just like you guessed, articles are mostly taken as a source of inspiration, which fortunately isn't covered by copyright. I may point to you in return that you can't either release every of the news you wrote under CC-BY-SA 3.0 since some of them contain words on which you can't claim authorship (changelogs in particular), which aren't necessarily released under a free license, and for which you don't give proper credits either (not that I mind so much, I do the same). Copyright fun, heh ?

Having a link to FreeGamer would have already been done if the website's design had the proper space for it, amongst which we would have put links to other game websites we're connected to as well. I particularly appreciate the simplicity of the current layout, and would be reluctant to change it. There might be room in though, but still not perfect.
As of now we link to FG within the news articles, very well this way if you want my opinion.

Back to reasonable, feel free to *get inspired* by Jeuxlibres (and eventually copy, consider everything I write anywhere WTFPL/CC0/public domain at your option. ;))
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Re: FreeGamer & Jeuxlibres -> Promoting FLOSS games

Postby amuzen » 20 Nov 2013, 22:57

I can't read a word of French, but your site is a relatively regular sight in the referrer list of the LoS website, so it's of some importance to me regardless. Currently, it's the 3rd biggest referrer after FG and LGDB, so it's alive and kicking at least according to my useless stats. Keep it up! :D

I think that everyone should keep generously linking to other articles so that people will get to know more about the other branches of the fragmented community. If nothing else, it's nice that readers at least vaguely know what other sites exist. Not that I'd have a say on the issue, but I wouldn't mind seeing even tighter cooperation between different sites one day.
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