Project Kanboard up (again)

Project Kanboard up (again)

Postby Julius » 29 Aug 2019, 23:11

You can log in using the "OAuth2 login" link with your account from or alternatively Github or Gitlab (both mostly untested so far).

Its a really nice Trello like Kanban project collaboration tool, see: (but the theme on our instance looks much nicer).

It can be integrated with Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and Gogs; Sadly the Gitea integration is still lacking: ... k/issues/5

It can also send notifications to chat services, currently only Mattermost works, but XMPP and IRC will follow soon. I can enable other such plugins if there is an demand (like Slack).

You can also share public boards like this: ... a7417e93dd

Right now with a regular account you can only make personal boards. If you want a collaborative board I can either set it up for you or make you a team leader to enable that feature.
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