what version of phpbb are we using ?

what version of phpbb are we using ?

Postby shirish » 10 Nov 2018, 16:56

It seems we seem to have an oldish version of phpbb as there is no way to number of things -

a. If I want to link a discussion to some social media account and share the content there or get feedback from either here to there or vice-versa don't think it's possible.

b. Something like thumbs up or thumbs down so that we can give reactions to what is shared by people.
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Re: what version of phpbb are we using ?

Postby Julius » 11 Nov 2018, 04:47

An old one :(

See also:

Tl;dr: there isn't an easy upgrade path and due to ownership, time and access issues this forum will likely have to be replace with something else and started from scratch sooner or later.

P.s. please have a look at social.freegamedev.net but that also needs an update ;) It's a Hubzilla instance that allows interacting with Mastodon etc.
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