SuperTuxKart Looking for Network Testers

SuperTuxKart Looking for Network Testers

Postby hiker » 12 Nov 2018, 13:36


nearly one year after the 0.9.3 release we are getting ready for the next release of SuperTuxKart. And as many might know, we have actually been very busy working on the network implementation to allow online races. As expected, this has taken a lot of time, but we have finally reached a stage that we need more testing. For now we call this an alpha test, since there are still some known bugs and some polishing is required as well, but nothing that should affect the actual network race at this stage. De facto, we have been doing alpha tests with visitors on our IRC channel for some weeks now, have a look at some of the servers up and running:

so we actually do not expect any major bugs anymore.
We are looking for people who can compile SuperTuxKart following our instructions themselves. You don't need to be able to program in C++ or anything. The main reason for asking you to compile yourself is that if a bug should occur, we can work with you to help us finding the bug. We are at the same time busy on working on a beta release (or even release candidate??), for which we will obviously provide binaries/installers for all common platforms. We actually don't expect this to be too far away ... fingers crossed.

While this is happening, we will work on the important outstanding issues, and prepare a beta release which will of course include pre-compiled binaries and installer.

The rest of this post and the full details can be found on our blog.

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