Shiv Command Language (and implementation)

Shiv Command Language (and implementation)

Postby Sauer2 » 25 Aug 2018, 17:09

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Shiv Command Language is an embeddable command language with the current implementation written for C#/.NET whatever edition. It might fit your use case if you have a game written in this language and/or for this platform and need a command interpreter for a console (for debugging/development/fixing game state/advanced configuration/cheating like shown in the mockup below) that can be thrown into the project but can't be bothered to write one yourself beyond regular expressions. Motivation behind this project was refreshing my C# knowledge and .
Repository: link
License: Apache 2.0
State: done, unless it turns out something is missing or somebody comes up with interesting suggestions
The console at the top.

Current features are:
  • simple command statements like shown in the mockup that are actually function calls
  • variables and literals for boolean, string and numeric values
  • basic flow control statements like while-loops, if-branching and custom functions (although I don't necessarily encourage their use; when in doubt you can disable them in the parser)
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