The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 14 Nov 2019, 11:40

A follow up from previous post.

i'm digging a bit more in to the planning now is more robust.

think in this stage i you want to help you can, because with out the planning for the application is a bit hard to help out with out to know what people want with the software.

Now that i'm implementing links i did a bit more of updates, if you can you can comment/ suggestion how to do the tools links.

which you can read the explanation on the links/tools of the software :

while (exit_program != 1)

/* Title with color */

printf("Tools Menu - pick a option \n\n");

printf("10. Advanced File Browser \n"); // the file browser to

See files, and link files automatically with other parts of the sotware, edit with tools, open correct tool, better move, etc...

printf("10. Game lore \n");
printf("10. Game lore : Add lore \n"); // spells, skills,
printf("3. Game lore : Create character \n"); // Templates
printf("10. Game lore : Screenplay Tool \n"); // Imagens e texto
printf("10. Game lore : Design Document \n"); // Templates, Images, Text
printf("10. Game lore : Name Generator \n");

Manage all the concept part of the lore in the game, add, remove stuff from the game, with out touching the code if possible

printf("10. Library's \n");
printf("10. Library's : Add \n");

Manage templates and librarys.

printf("10. Server : Database \n");
printf("10. Server : Web \n");
printf("10. Server : Local \n"); // RPG, rts,
printf("10. Server : Application \n"); // RPG, rts,
printf("10. Server : List \n");
printf("10. Server : Mail \n");
printf("10. Server : FTP \n");
prinf("1 Server : File storage : "); // Download, storage projects, torrents, Vários sites
printf("10. Server : The Box \n"); // Connect torrents

Have all the severs available and pre configured, if you need to program something that use that server or use the service

printf("10. Language tool \n"); //

Manage the langues in the pojects

printf("2. Team Management \n"); // Chat
printf("2. Team Management : Add Project \n");
printf("2. Team Management : Add User \n");
printf("2. Team Management : Add Task \n");
printf("2. Team Management : Add Debate \n");

Think in add a management for teams more robust then git hub which is very limited.

printf("2. Generic Management tool \n"); // Hoteis,
printf("2. Generic Management tool : Add Property \n");
printf("2. Generic Management tool : Add bill \n");
printf("2. Generic Management tool : Add client \n"); // Email, Contacts
printf("2. Generic Management tool : Add Entry \n"); // Email, Contacts
printf("2. Generic Management tool : Add Task \n"); // Email, Contacts

A extra that may help or not, manage bills and stuff you need for other things.

printf("2. Projects \n"); // Projects created
printf("1 projects Add: ");
printf("2. Projects : Add profile \n");
printf("2. Projects : Create \n");
printf("2. Projects : Syncronize \n");
printf("2. Projects : Import \n");
printf("2 projects : Information: ");
printf("10. Projects : Programing Simulation Enviorment \n");
printf("10. Projects : Database \n");
printf("10. Projects : Templates \n"); // Base projects, manager
printf("10. Projects : Tasks \n"); // add tasks

printf("1 projects: Debug: ");
printf("1 projects: Load Games : ");
printf("10. projects: Linker \n");
printf("10. projects: Compiler \n");

manage all the stuff in the pojects, automate some stuff which people do manually

printf("2. Particle tool \n");
printf("6. Standard Level Editor \n");

printf("10. Generic Animation \n"); // Base projects
printf("10. 3D model management \n"); // Base projects, Load models
printf("10. 3D Game Concept \n");
printf("10. Mapper \n"); // Structure
printf("6. 3D Shadder Tool \n");
printf("4. Debug Tool \n");

The initial plan to have standard tools for 3D, to add and remove stuff to game automatically, with out the use of code, or create the code automatically

//If not connect another color
printf("5. Market \n"); //Productos

printf("5. Market : add service or product \n");

At the moment there is no free publishing tool available, that i know is will increase profit for indies

printf("6. Social Tool \n"); // users, ranking content , wall
printf("6. Social Tool : add content \n");
printf("9. Social Tool : Settings \n"); //user
printf("9. Social Tool : add Web Page \n"); // Templates
printf("9. Social Tool : Edit Web Page \n");
printf("9. Social Tool : Chat \n");
printf("9. Social Tool : Post \n");
printf("9. Social Tool : projects \n");

prinf("1 Social Tool : Radio : "); // News, projects, music
prinf("1 Social Tool : TV : "); // News, about projects and updates.
// Ranking : sites, filmes, series, ...
prinf("1 Social Tool : Tournaments ");
prinf("1 Social Tool : Events ");

The social tool will publish your stuff and manage, add radio and tv which the software team will manage, or allow some content create from the users to be published.

prinf("1 Information ranked ");
prinf("1 Information ranked : Add ");

Free access to information, which will be better managed, maybe with databases

printf("7. Code snippet : add \n");
printf("8. Toturials \n");
printf("8. Toturials : Add \n"); // Tags
prinf("1 Toturials : Books : ");

The tutorial tool which is something I plan to do first, so you can access to information how stuff works in the software

printf("10. scientific Lab \n"); // Add experiments

Think in helping out research to have a free team research tool, think the planet is need of more science, it will probably be part of the social tool

printf("5 Settings: "); //language, Keyboard,

printf("1 2D Concept Tool: "); // Create concepts
printf("1 2D Game Concept: "); // Design a 2D project
printf("1 2D Tiles : ");
printf("1 standad Interface "); //Interfaces
printf("1 Interface Design "); //Interfaces, Templates

The 2D part and interfaces management

printf("1 Standard Functions : ");

have pre build functionality to add to projects, more complex then sinppets.

printf("10. Standard Database \n");

printf("1 Code Editor : "); // link stuff automatically

A customized code editor to work with this stuff for example: "linking stuff automatically".

printf("1 Sound editing : "); // +-
printf("1 Video editing : "); //

Simple audio em video editing just to avoid loading a heavy software just for a simple task

prinf("1 Web : sites downloader tool : ");
printf("10. File converter \n"); // Active File
printf("10. Screen record \n");

some tools to help out manage other parts

printf("10. Exit \n");
printf("10. The Box info \n");

scanf("%d", &interface);

//printf("Choose interface : ");
//scanf("%s", str1);
//printf("Enter interface : %s", str1);
//interface = atoi (str1); // Convertes the string to a integer

if(interface == 1){
exit_program = 1;


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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 18 Nov 2019, 10:43

Found this code may be of some help to other people : ... -alignment

How to display info in a table format to console just with raw code.


A bit on my develop of the software, how complex the lore tool is becoming.

For example we can add all kind of lore stuff in to a files "database" format. Then it connect all this stuff to the design document. When your are building the document you can link stuff at that point from : -> projects to design document; from -> lore to design document, and to templates.

So let's say some one add a nice environment like a history with a few cities and a few characters to the "box lore tool". if you want your game to follow up on that history you just need to connect that "lore" to the design document or project and use the same librarys/templates and is done.

Think it will be also good for standardization of history's, for example the concept of race orc, can become more elaborated and standardized adding good environment to games. Or people could also go with their own stuff. But if you do not have that kind of skills to create this very nice story. You can set your environment on something already stable.

Another think i though in adding is a "project finance" tool like kickstarter , why pay 5% or 10% when you can add this stuff automatically in to a server and let people make their own decisions. Once you create your project you can automatically config what kind of finance could help your project.

How the links code look inside of the lore tool : Add stuff seperatilly with more detail or add with generic menu with all the options. If some already is scripted this functionality it add it automatically with "standard functions tool" to maybe the mapper which is the generic overview off all the relations/connections:

{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
   printf(" Game Lore Menu : pick option \n\n");
   printf("1. Exit tool\n");
   printf("2. List Lore  \n");
   printf("3. Add Lore  \n");
   printf("3. Add Design Document  \n");
   printf("3. Name Generator  \n");
   printf("3. Create character  \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Religion \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Races \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Spells \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Items  \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Skills  \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add weapons \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add armor \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Classes \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add History \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Geography \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Maps \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Families \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Guilds \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Worlds \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Citys \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Monster RPG  \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : Add Monster SCI-FI  \n");
   printf("10. Game lore : add NPC  \n");
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 24 Nov 2019, 12:11

Let's see if my next post i have a working version.

For now there is this stuff i'm working. A text format to manage projects. The text format, xml and jason are a bit heavy, creating something that is similar but in a more light version.

A way that this could work :

"link of the file", "place used" (main menu), order of display (1).
C:\Users\jdc\Documents\the_box_external_librarys\magic.png , main menu , 1 ;

It could be a transitory way before the file is added in to the code files in a function format or it could work this way, if it does not consume a lot of resources since one of the objectives of the project is to have a very efficient code.

A general overview of a project in the : text projects code :

{l Code}: {l Select All Code}



Mediev Titans


A DOTA inspired game, strategy

<3d models>

C:\Users\jdc\Documents\the_box_external_librarys\3D_medivel\Goblin\Goblin_model\GOBLIN.fbx  , level 1  , 1 ;


C:\Users\jdc\Documents\the_box_external_librarys\magic.png , main menu  , 1 ;
C:\Users\jdc\Documents\the_box_external_librarys\final.png , level 1  , 4 ;


Main Menu ;
Level 1 ;

The dev version is online it have a lot of updates, working with file.h and path.h to manage stuff for file "browser tool" and "code editor tool". The stuff i posted before is now used, we will repeat the code in file.h and path.h in : browser tool and code editor since they use the same things. To prevent this, the code is moved a level in the hierarchy to a "object" or structural programming format. So they inherit.

This format is useful to code, It allow to write allot of pseudo code before we can start testing things. Because you can start codding normally, and if something repeats at some point is just a matter of moving the code up and down if is repeated or not.

The stuff in the folders is still a bit messy and not documented, it still need more work, the external library have a low poly 3D library that i'm working. Just one thing that is +- organized. ... ugL7glslMk The Box ... kv1HrnUH5x External librarys ... jYF4nnt2di External Project ... b7kErTkgGD External tools
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 01 Dec 2019, 17:08

a small update:

How to to add large amount of information to txt files.

In previous update, i have something that look like a xml, but now i'm thinking there is no need for the user to read the files, the software can do that, and display the information formatted. It allow more amount of information in a file.

Which project or data is just a single line.

The software read like this and apply this format : name, author, genre, type, image, web page, etc... it uses order or numbers for position on which entry.

The txt file have only the information. The software recognizes positions. If there is no info in entry slot a empty field is added, like ", ," :

{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
lensman , autor , anime , sci-fi , 0.3 , lensman.jpg, ;
Hunter D , autor,  , 4.5 , hunter_d.jpg,  ;
Eva  , autor , game , sci-fi ,  , eva.jpg, ;
Pokemon , autor , anime ,  , 0.3, tides_of_time.jpg, ;

This will be very fast execution. the code do this: It "explode" the strings by tokens first ";" an then by "," to get positions, and convert to data format to display.

Maybe it will use symbols instead of the language symbols ";" and "," to be compatible with descriptions on projects. but it will be the same thing.
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 07 Dec 2019, 11:30

See if we can have some community around the software with a Facebook page : ... _todo_tour

Added a couple more tools like the encrypt and links manager tools for example : to not have links running around company's and probably hackers exploit a lot the information on the users. This will allow to have things protected inside the computer even if some one hack the computer cant access the information that easy.

the encrypt.c tool will be in the folder "tools".

Also now all tools or topics have tutorials on the top of the page for example :

the encrypt tool "encrypt.c" :

// ... pt-string/

A tutorial on how to encrypt

the projects tool "projects.c" :

//#include <stdio.h>

//#include "application_structures\file.h";

// ... etchar.htm

// ... n_gets.htm

// ... _scanf.htm

// ... inters.htm

// ... printf.htm

// ... _fputs.htm

// ... ile_io.htm file open

// ... strtok.htm explode

/* ... cise-1.php ... ogramming/

It detail all functions used to make it work.


This will make very easy to follow and to grab the code, which is very hard in most projects.
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 12 Dec 2019, 16:38

released the planning for the "lore tool : spells" , -> the info + interface image is at the web page : ... _todo_tour
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 16 Dec 2019, 09:54

How to plan your project.

A Post on structural objects or file objects about the difficulty i'm encountering.

"Tournaments", and "social events" are the same thing or another thing?

At first they look like different things, but if we analyse, they are the same.

Tournaments have:

- start time
- inscription (money or not)
- date
- location or format (online or fisical)
- people (or playes)
- Results (tournament or not a event could have videos to post)

Should this be a object or not? The answer is yes, is better to write a object, with minimal differences which lather can be used to other things.

This will be in our next update 0.0.2 the event.h to handle events and tournaments, or leagues. Was i mention on another post " see if my next post which is more a version" will have a couple of tools written in the console format or text.

Another example the file.h.

We have several actions

-File delete
- file copy,
-file, browse

We could start by putting it in the tool "file browser", but that can be used in other places, like code editor, maybe projects management and 3D, etc...

so it seems something local, relative to a tool, but then we repeat our self's, the key to a good programmer is not to repeat. Writing this functions 5, 7 times more, it means that many times more time used. And it means our code will be that much heavy, and could lead to more buy software because our code is unprofessional, repetition of code, low open source projects available.


This kind of objects could already exist:


so they will be in version 0.0.2 at least the raw versions because it will take a bit of time to develop planned code, but it will be much more stable and maintainable.

Some one asked how to do this? I answer the key is to connect every thing. If stuff is connect, it means less repetition. In the 0.0.2 version it will be more clear how this stuff is implemented and separated in to several solutions and not one big solution, which is problematic to develop and manage.

Good coding, and development.
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 16 Dec 2019, 14:40

A follow up post on objects, to show the work i'm doing with the interface:

For example in the interface we have several elements:

-box (html for example, use: list, div, span, ul, etc...)

people can separate in to how many fragments they want.

What i did is convert it in to a object to avoid repetition:

int property_id;
int property_name;
int property_title;
int property_button;
int property_background_color;
int property_3d_model;
int property_padding;
int property_margin;
int property_pos_x;
int property_pos_y;
int property_pos_z;
int property_clickable;
int property_image;

to avoid :


We have only one element, because we are going to repeat our self's if we create a button, with background color, then a menu with background color, then a interface with background color and so on...

if it lather creates over complex syntax output on code we can always use snippets and leave our code unrepeated or with no repetitions.
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 18 Dec 2019, 08:04

How the information is stored:

They work with an internal mini Database within the software without resorting to very heavy database software. Link information by keys. The character will fetch all skills that have the same character id. The skill keeps track of what character this skill corresponds to.

characters_index_keys = character_id, character_name, biografy_id, skill_id, spells_id, items_id, weapons_id, status_id;

skills_index_keys = character_id, skill_name, ability, tags, targets;

Normally this is how Databases work what I did was convert that method to .txt files. The character.txt file is related to the skills.txt file. Will avoid too much processing time will + direct no information.

Will be available in the next version: The Box 0.0.2

article translated with google translate, post at the page : ... _todo_tour
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » 30 Dec 2019, 10:09

As the features in C are so complex I will write a Debug tool for each theme. The software will have a "Folder" or additional folder called "Debug tools", where they will be there. It makes various tests for example the images: it loads the image tests and outputs the image and all the image functions information; Maybe check for errors, see if the image is at 100%. This will help develop the software, and perform various tests. With this tool you can develop only the part of the images and connect later later, without all the code working.

Also found this software which have a interface working is very nice to study code. Since have information we can't find in the toturials. ... ficas-em-c
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Re: The Box, development tool, "Structural programming"

Postby jdc » Today, 06:09

The Box Version 0.0.2

Still it does not have that much work that i wanted but is the possible work. The file have like 30 pages. It should have every thing you need to understand and develop. It explain: interfaces, code, objects, objectives, tools, tutorials, planning, etc…

2 PDF, and the box folder :

You should have access to the public folder ... ugL7glslMk
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