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Action puzzle, One Way To Go

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2015, 23:40
by bgordebak
Hello everyone.

I once developed this game with LÖVE(Love2D), then I decided to port it to C++/Qt. Some of you may remember it, I've posted about it here. It's ported completely. I plan to make new levels for this one soon.

It's inspired by, but not really based on, 1990 game named Sensitive by Oliver Kirwa. I used to play that game on my C64, and years (many many years) later, I decided to develop something somewhat similar to it.

The goal is simple in the game. Collect all the green boxes and reach the red box. Dark green boxes require going over twice to be collected. Yellow boxes teleport you to the other yellow box. And you don't actually move in this game. You start moving and you just don't stop until you die, teleport or reach the exit. So develop your strategy before moving.

And this game has an audio-only version for visually impaired and/or sighted. Everything is same in the audio version, except it's audio :). Every level in the audio game starts in training mode, so player can "see" where are all the boxes. After that you can really start the level, and play like the visual version.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, especially on the audio version since this is my first audio game.

Games are GPLv3 licensed. I haven't included a license for audio and graphics, but they are CC-SA-BY.

Here are some screenshots:



Here are the links:

Re: Action puzzle, One Way To Go

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 22:59
by c_xong
Nice game, but just curious, why port to C++/Qt?

Re: Action puzzle, One Way To Go

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 23:16
by bgordebak
c_xong {l Wrote}:Nice game,


c_xong {l Wrote}: but just curious, why port to C++/Qt?

I don't know :). I mean, I'm mostly a C++/Qt developer out of games, and I just wanted to see if I can make a game in Qt. The easiest route was porting an existing game. That's why.

I could write a new game, but I'm already struggling with game ideas. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of ideas, but I just want to invest time if the idea is a little different. Edit: Or if it's not that different, but it excites me.