RPG - javascript - Guyana-Dream

RPG - javascript - Guyana-Dream

Postby doudoulolita » 25 Jul 2014, 17:28

The aim is to make a RPG game with ecological vision to illustrate a tutorial upon javascript, in french.

It's in javascript and may use also php if needed. I'm the graphist and there is a developper for the code and the tutorial called jam-jam68140. The biggest work will be the drawings, I think.

The characters are wild animals from french Guiana (called "Guyane" in french), they live in the jungle. They will have to escape from the jungle when there is fire or when the trees are cut by humans. They also need to get the more food they can to survive.

What is original is that there will be two points of view :
  • from top: to walk or run from one part of the jungle to another
  • from front: when the animals must climb on the trees.

Actually, there are 2 small monkeys and 3 different trees. Everything is presented on the link "graphismes". I publish my drawings on Opengameart.
I'm also working on an ara (a sort of parrot).

The parrot will speak, of course, and give the missions. I've made this one in 3D to help me with perpective, but the drawings will probably be in 2D with inkscape. However, this is not totally fixed.

I've collected a lot of free pictures (creative commons) and give the links on my site : animals and trees. I also found free documentation about french guyana.

At the present time, I wrote the code on the site , following jam-jam68140's tutorial (not finished) and I tried a few things that were not in the tutorial.

You can choose which monkey will play (outside the canvas). The monkey can walk and the collisions are possible but not as good as it should be.

Project page : usf.tuxfamily.org/guyana-dream/

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Help needed for code and tutorial

Postby doudoulolita » 16 Aug 2014, 16:02

If you speak french, you can help writing the tutorial, coding the example game, or modeling animals and trees for the game (now I prepare them in Blender and use Frestyle rendering to make a cartoon style, as the game will stay in 2D). I wrote a roadmap (feuille de route pour le tutoriel).

For people who don't speak french, you can help us when we have problems for design or code. It would be nice to have new contributors. We feel a bit lonely as there is only a young developper and a graphic artist (me). The developper won't write the tutorial if he is alone. :cry:

I will try to write a small english rodmap when I have time if needed.
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Re: RPG - javascript - Guyana-Dream

Postby beoran » 16 Aug 2014, 20:06

Hi there. You may be wondering why not many people replied here, but that's because the game you are making is in a very early stage of development. In fact, it's not really very playable yet. There's not much point in making tutorials yet, since no one is going to bother write levels for an unplayable game... The idea of having two monkey main characters in Guyana is interesting though, I have never seen an RPG like this.

Making an RPG is great, but it will take a lot of work. I daresay of all types of games RPG' s are the hardest to make. I'm doing it myself too and while I made a lot of progress, I still have many things to do. Not only do you need a game engine, but also a story, artwork, music, and many levels, so plan your work and get keep going on all the hundreds of details that have to be implemented and thought of.

I can't offer much help. I could let you guys use my RPG engine, but it's a classic game engine, not for HTML5, and it's also not finished yet. I could also give some advice, so if you'd like to talk to an experienced programmer about game development, you'll find me hanging out often on IRC on Freenode on the #allegro channel.
Je parle aussi un peu de francais doc si il ya quelque chose que vous n'avez pas compriz, demandez-le-mois.
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