SkyRiot: an Android platformer action game

SkyRiot: an Android platformer action game

Postby freedomforge » 13 Feb 2013, 04:51


Open Source Project Homepage:

In the spirit of sharing and in the hopes of inspiring creativity, SkyRiot for Android has been released as Open Source Software. All source code, graphics and sounds have are now available under the creative commons.

The source code packages offer a wealth of high performance, reusable game code powered by the E3roid open source framework, OpenGLES and the Box2d physics engine. SkyRiot was programmed using loosely coupled components that can be re-arranged to build new and interesting game agents such as enemies, projectiles and interactive scenery.

This project is a must for anyone looking to build 2d platform action games for Android devices.

The most radical and hard-hitting 2D shooter game ever created!SkyRiot is a 2D flying shooting platform action game for Android devices. Fly a hoverboard and use an assortment of weaponry as you, an anarchist, single-handedly wage war against a totalitarian regime. Full 360-degree aiming along with total freedom of movement will keep you glued to your device for many hours as you blast your way across over 10 game maps.
The fascist regime will squash your airborne rebellion with laser equipped police officers, bazooka toting soldiers, law enforcing surveillance orbs, jet fighter airplanes, grenade throwing prison guards, even a jetpack powered security force. Not only must you survive while assassinating agents of the Regime, you must also destroy its tools of repression such as security cameras and iris scanning stations.
As an anarchist, you start your revolt armed with Molotov cocktails and a flare gun. As you kill fascists, you pick up their energy weapons and other powerups.
Fans describe this game as Wolf3d meets Abuse meets Super Mario meets Contra.
Set in a near future dystopia, SkyRiot is a story of one anarchist's rebellion against a fascist regime. In 2081 the Canadian government passed the Torture and Compliance Act, legalizing mass detention and torture of citizens. A growing rebellion pushes the Regime toward ever lower depths of ruthlessness and oppression. The feared Ministry of Compliance is tasked with finding and capturing dissidents, and its Minister personally oversees the torture of detainees. Bent on vengeance, our anarchist undertakes a suicide mission to assassinate the Minister.
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Re: SkyRiot: an Android platformer action game

Postby qubodup » 13 Feb 2013, 12:11

Thank you for sharing!

Which of the Creative Commons licenses are used?

I hope the code license is actually a software license. :)

Is there a record of where audio (sound, music) files were taken from?
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Re: SkyRiot: an Android platformer action game

Postby freedomforge » 13 Feb 2013, 14:47

The source code is released under MIT license and the graphics are creative commons share alike.

The sounds and music were either recorded by myself of used from
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