Ryzom is now free!!

Re: Ryzom is now free!!

Postby Skorpio » 06 May 2010, 23:08

Wow cool! I just read this on a German website. They mentioned that the company has also released thousands of models and textures together with the code.
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Re: Ryzom is now free!!

Postby Julius » 09 May 2010, 09:53

Wow... that is very good news! I fact I remember very well when there was an big effort to do this a few years back... well better late then never ;)

Their idea to release the general assets and the code (under good licenses I would say) but not release the world data and story data seems like a wise way of running a commercial but open-source MMORPG... something other developers should think about too.
I am tempted to subscribe once they have a Linux version, even though I am not such a big MMORPG fan... when I tried the demo a few years back it seemed to have a rather nice art direction and a interesting story though.

Argg... now I am actually a bit annoyed that I am right now with a very bad internet connection and thus can not check the stuff out until I am back in Germany in a few weeks.
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