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Re: Heresy, Flare mod - Need help creating/organizing story

Postby Danimal » 07 Nov 2020, 17:52

Ok, so, i want to tackle item population of the game. I have a few that wont change in the whole game, money (duh) and potions:
Small health Potion - recovers 25% Hp
Health Potion - recovers 50% Hp
Big health Potion - recovers 75% Hp
Small mana Potion - recovers 25% Mp
Mana Potion - recovers 50% Mp
Big mana Potion - recovers 75% Mp
Elixir potion - Restore 50% of maximum HP and MP
Panacea potion - Cures all negative effects
Regeneration Potion - Restore some HP and MP over an extended time.

This ones are easy enough, the problem are loot items, Flare doesnt have a random item generator, which is a real pain since they must be created one by one and taking into account the point of the game where they appear. So for streamlining creation i thougth of this system:
Quality (lesser, normal, high, supreme) + Atributte + type (of the item: sword, amulet...): Ex:
Lesser warrior ring (small +Str)
Magician amulet (average +Int)
For items with mixed bonus ill use some cool names, ex, Crusader (+Str +Def), Bandit (+Agi, +Str)...; since ill also let enemies drop items higher than their level, to give the player something to look for on a future level up (and some utility to the stash), i plan asking for the 70% of the neccesary stat so the player can use it (ex: War-axe a Lv10 item, each lv up the player get 5 points (so 50 points for a pure Str char at lv10 ) , so its the 70% of 50 str points = 35 Str points requiered to use that axe) and 30% if a second stat is required (bows need Dex and Str) so for a Lv10 bow, the char needs 35 Dex and 15 Str. Rings will only have a Lv requeriment since they are intended to help raise needed stats.

Besides that, i think magic items should count a lv higher than they are(+1 if just one attribute, +2 for two extra attributes...), ex: Club-lv5 = 16 Str needed, Lesser warrior club-lv5 = 21 Str needed...

This is a bit complex but i trust will give the illusion of variety, and even so i fear it will fall short. What do you guys think?
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