GravvitY - action arcade style highscore game [Godot 4]

GravvitY - action arcade style highscore game [Godot 4]

Postby rubberduck » 01 May 2023, 14:56

I recently worked on a smaller action arcade style highscore game called GravvitY

The goal is to collect stars while avoiding hazards.
You don't control the player directly, instead you rotate the level without affecting gravity.
This means the player always rolls and falls down, while walls and the stars to collect rotate with the level.

Stars disappear after 25 seconds, reducing your score, on the other side the score multiplies with the number of stars collected in a row.
The added score also depends on how close the star is to disappear.

Controls are easy, you rotate the level with the left / right arrow keys, or a / d. There is not even a way to jump.


you can find the repo here:,
or play it in the browser, download for linux and windows:

I see it as mostly finished, some smaller updates are planned somewhere in the future, like some more levels or adding sfx and music, it is actually one of my smallest game project I worked on in the last years, the experiment was to make a game in only a few weeks.
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Re: GravvitY - action arcade style highscore game [Godot 4]

Postby eltomito » 01 May 2023, 23:22

Oh no! It's Bob's Bad Day 2 !! :D
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Re: GravvitY - action arcade style highscore game [Godot 4]

Postby Technopeasant » 07 May 2023, 18:45

Congratulations of the release.
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