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Re: Free Hero Mesh [Puzzle Game Engine]

Postby bzt » 19 Jul 2022, 11:45

zzo38 {l Wrote}:The problem is that I do not have a icon.
Then create one. Or pick one from one of the free asset sites.

zzo38 {l Wrote}:The use of "X-" is deprecated.
Nope, it is absolutely not, at least not with mime types, see RFC6838. Indeed there was an RFC6648 which claimed "In practice, that convention [using 'x-'] causes more problems than it solves." but failed to prove that claim (as a matter of fact, it haven't even mentioned a single example or use case where it undeniably causes a problem), so IANA never adopted that. they were not registering official mime types starting with "x-" in the first place. To be perfectly clear, even RFC6648 (under section 6, IANA Considerations) states "This document does not modify registration procedures currently in force for various application protocols."

zzo38 {l Wrote}:Sometimes some people still use "x-" and to me (and some others), we will use it when it is something that there is no point to be standardized
Nope, that would be "x." (with a dot, not with a dash). The "x." is for private, never to be standardized mime types.

zzo38 {l Wrote}:And then, I will have to tell them to put it into the package manager, somehow.
You don't have to. a) dpkg works without a repo, b) you can create your own repo easily, c) if you really want to add your package to the official repo, you can file an ITP request to (but expect several years of waiting time).

Hope this helps,
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Re: Free Hero Mesh [Puzzle Game Engine]

Postby zzo38 » 19 Jul 2022, 17:31

glitchapp {l Wrote}:Unless you have a very static idea for the software you are writting, constructive feedback could sometimes help make it even better.
I agree. This is why I ask for constructive feedback, and I have made some improvements based on this feedback already, and some that I cannot do at this time.

The things I think can improve does not require to read the documentation because I'm not talking about the code and no matter which parameters are required, you can always provide them with different methods and not just the terminal.
That is partially true, but still it would help to know which parameters are required and how they work in order to suggest improvements.

The problem is that I do not have a icon.
I've seen on other threads that someone have created severals for you, you can always improve them in the future.
Yes, and I have collected them at The dimensions are wrong, and I am not sure that they are that good, but if necessary I can use one anyways (fixing the dimensions if necessary, too; or making one based on it if that would be better), at least temporarily.

I decided that specifying by command-line arguments is better

That's fine and that's your opinion. I think that the real question here is, is it better for who? If you want the tool to be played for a wide audience then I disagree with it, but that's my constructive opinion.
Better for many users, but not everyone likes it. I hope that we can have both ways in case some people like other way (or even if some people who do like to use both).

If you intend to have a separate launcher even a menu written in bash script will do the work (at least till something more sophisticated is written).
Still it asks: What exactly should be displayed? (Files could be installed anywhere. I suppose a version using AppImage could look in its own directory, and in the AppImage's own home directory (if it exists); however, I am not entirely sure.) What if you want to editing vs playing, etc? (Editing requires non-composite puzzle sets; playing is possible with either composite or non-composite, but composite will be easier to deal with.) There are other questions too, to decide how to make it; these are only some, but I do have some ideas, but I do not have all of the ideas.

I have not tried writing menus in bash scripts before, although I can try (but I am not sure that it is necessarily any good).

A future launcher program might have a place to install puzzle sets (both for the user and for the system), and optionally access catalog services (at the user's request), as well as allowing accessing other directories if wanted.

(Note that the existing implementation already checks for symlinks and works correctly in this situation, so it is possible for a menu that looks in a specific directory even if that directory contains symlinks to the real puzzle set files.)

I hope this feedback helps!
Some of it does; thank you.
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Re: Free Hero Mesh [Puzzle Game Engine]

Postby zzo38 » 22 Jul 2022, 21:43

Some puzzles made using this:
  • PUZZLEX - Based on a Gameboy game of the same name. There is only one level (which is easy), and is simple. Also demonstrates some of the recently added features, such as coordinate input and multidependent pictures.
  • WORMS - A more complicated game; only two levels. Has some features inspired from other games including ZZT.
Both of these files are in the non-composite format, and all of them are incomplete, and are public domain. You are free to modify them and distribute modified versions if you want to do so. There is also a sokoban game (the game rules are complete but the levels aren't) included in the source repository of Free Hero Mesh. Make comment/question if you have any, please.

The ".class" files are plain text files, which you can view to see some examples of how the code works (or you can modify them to make up your own classes of objects and/or modify behaviours of existing ones). The other three files are Hamster archive files.

(To make up a composite puzzle set file, make a Hamster archive containing the four non-composite files.)

Many of the puzzle sets from Everett Kaser's web page will also work once they have been converted (the "mbtofhm" program included with Free Hero Mesh will convert them).

I would also hope that some other people can join this project on the NNTP and/or IRC, for more collaboration (there are many different kinds of things that can be done), instead of only myself working on this project, alone.

Also: I have taken your suggestion of .fhm and added it into Just Solve the File Format Problem wiki (I did not do it before, because there was some problems with that wiki at the time that I read your message).
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Re: Free Hero Mesh [Puzzle Game Engine]

Postby zzo38 » 05 Aug 2022, 07:25

Recently I had found a bug in the macro expansion in the case that the macro definition is empty, which would cause a segmentation fault. I have now fixed this bug. Please tell me if you find any other bug. I also found a bug having to do with freeing memory after editing multidependent pictures, and I fixed that one too, now.
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