Crowdfunding campaign for Godot Engine online course

Crowdfunding campaign for Godot Engine online course

Postby Akien » 23 May 2017, 16:09

Hi there :)

Disclaimer: This is about a commercial venture to finance a premium online course for the FOSS game engine Godot, run by GDquest, a content creator and Godot user not directly affiliated with the core development team.
Nevertheless, we promote it on official Godot channels as this project should have a lot of positive impact on Godot: increase visibility, make the engine more relevant for professionals, and many free tutorials will also be produced during the campaign and benefit the community as a whole.


Long story short, GDquest is running a Kickstarter campaign for a premium online course on 2D game creation with Godot Engine. You might know him from a successful Kickstarter for Krita courses 2 years ago; he focuses on FOSS tools and tries to make a living off teaching how to use them.

Edit: Youtube embedding seems broken, so check the trailer video yourself on the KS page ;)

If some of you are looking into getting into Godot, this mig]ht be a good occasion to secure great learning material to learn fast and correctly (check GDquest's Youtube channel, he's a very good tutor).

The Kickstarter started yesterday with a target of 8000€... which was reached in only 10 hours! Now there are 28 days to go to reach way beyond that conservative goal and let GDquest design much more ambitious courses, as well as secure some time for him to contribute to the engine's documentation directly in parallel.

Kickstarter page: ... online-cou
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