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Postby eugeneloza » 25 May 2016, 05:21

FaTony {l Wrote}:Vimeo?

I've seen feedback, that Vimeo removes game video... seems fine.
However, yes... youtube is a strong monopoly providing with easy and powerful tools. I didn't see any really good alternatives yet.
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Re: YouTube channel

Postby brmbrmcar » 22 Aug 2016, 17:35

I have a YouTube channel. It is a pain to do, and if there was an alternative people would actually watch I'd be there.

I managed to bypass having to give out all of those details by creating an account on Chrome OS. I imagine it would be similar on Android. You could probably go onto an online Android thing and create an account that way.
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Re: YouTube channel

Postby Jastiv » 15 Dec 2018, 20:48

I think part of the problem is we don't glorify bug reporting and testing enough. So people play it, say it sucks, and then are done with it and never look back. I recently found out why so many proprietary game companies have NDA(non disclosure agreements) on alpha. Because their games are just as bad as ours, except they work hard and pay extra money just to hide this fact. Just because bugs and bad game mechanics happen behind closed doors does not mean they are not happening.
The other reason why showcasing games that have a lot of bugs and user interface problems feels counter productive is open source suffers from a lot of problems where people feel once broken, always broken, as if the mythical developers will never get around to fixing the bugs, game mechanics, or user interface issues that made the game bad in the first place. Obviously, this is not true, that the problems are never fixed, certainly they would be fixed if money were thrown at those problems, and some may ever be fixed because the developers never wanted them broke that way in the first place and just decide to fix it.
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Re: YouTube channel

Postby Rinari » 27 Dec 2018, 10:24

Akien {l Wrote}:That would be cool!

Iwan runs the GamesOpenSource channel, but he tends IMO to make too many videos about small demos or WIPs from the Löve2D forums or BGE, and at some time he posted way too many videos every day for the channel to be meaningful as a showcase of FLOSS games.

So if you would go for something more curated, with Let's Plays of mature FLOSS games, it would be awesome! :)

Thank you for sharing!
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Re: YouTube channel

Postby drummyfish » 27 Dec 2018, 18:52

We now have PeerTube, a perfect platform for making this happen.

I've been thinking about doing something similar. My first idea was to create a compilation of great FOSS games (Xonotic, Ryzom, FLARE, Freedoom, Mindustry, Minetest, ...) into one video called something like "FOSS gaming doesn't suck", and give it a nice production value, with free music in the background. I have some footage already but never got to finishing the project. I at least reuploaded some CC footage of FOSS games to PeerTube, but we really do need new, original content.
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