Anyone Else get hacked recently on Sourceforge?

Anyone Else get hacked recently on Sourceforge?

Postby Jastiv » 24 Sep 2020, 20:34

So I was checking up on my sourceforge account. I havn't made any commits to Wograld in a while, but I decided to work on it again. I'm getting a little sick of the limitations of minetest. (I mean, don't get me wrong, minetest is great, I realized there are actually parts of wograld that are more polished, like the LAN (it seems to work better than Minetest over the LAN for some reason.) Also, I can sleep during the day in Wograld, also the characters are so much less blocky, also, quests, more persistance, and uh, stuff.

So, I go to check it out on my new computer (did I tell you I got a new computer, my husband broke the old one, well, the powercord broke, I used an off brand one for a while, and now it discharges way faster than it can charge so it can only be used for an hour or so till it has to "recharge" and you had to put a book next to it to recharge it else the damn thing won't plug in.
So anyway, after all of that, teaching my son at home for the last few months of school last year, plus having him home all summer (the mess urgh, but I finally got him hooked on Minetest the past few weeks of summer, but oh man, now he wants the stupid mods he sees on youtube like the "security mod" I'm like security is locking yourself out.

Well, I guess I didn't pay enough attention to security, or someone didn't. But I can't figure out what type of hacking was done and that is what worries me, I can't figure out, social engineering, Sourceforge hacking or I was careless with my password or a keylogger. So basically the last commit to my project is from someone who isn't on the project, someone I am not familiar with and do not know. I know the only other active contributor, he says he didn't do it but he has been acting kind of weird lately so I can't rule it out. Everything was removed except the .gitignore. I'm going to download the last "good" commit, and revert it and also upload it to one or two other repositories.
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Re: Anyone Else get hacked recently on Sourceforge?

Postby rogerdv » 25 Sep 2020, 18:35

I havent looked at Sourceforge in years, mostly using github lately. I will look at my account and see.
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Re: Anyone Else get hacked recently on Sourceforge?

Postby GunChleoc » 07 Oct 2020, 18:45

If it's just the last commit and everything is fine, get a fresh clone (keep your old local copy as a backup, just in case) run
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git reset --hard HEAD~1
to remove the last commit and then force-push to the affected branch.
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