Re: Ableism/Sanism

Postby drummyfish » 21 Jan 2021, 12:00

Let me assure you a few decades back a group of people wanting to ban words like "crazy" and "dumb" would be seen as absolutely absurd. It's just about time, my dear fellow human. Absurd regimes exist. It's the same principle and there are no stopping criteria for your meme movements, trust me, your effort will absolutely lead to what we now perceive as absurd. I just hope your conscience won't torture you too much a few decades in the future when you'll see the Stalinist nightmare you contributed to.

Anyway, love and peace my frens :) (I exclude @onpon4 from "frens" as she/they explicitly and repeatedly told me I am not her/their friend)
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Re: Ableism/Sanism

Postby onpon4 » 21 Jan 2021, 16:13

I just hope your conscience won't torture you too much a few decades in the future when you'll see the Stalinist nightmare you contributed to.

For someone who claims to be an "anarchist" and arbiter of what leftism is, you sure do swallow a lot of right-wing talking points and conspiracy theories, like this one, where somehow telling people not to use hateful or hurtful language will somehow lead to totalitarianism; as if totalitarian censorship has anything to do whatsoever with telling people not to use hateful or hurtful language.

Unless you're lying of course, and you just want to chant slurs without any social repercussions. The fact that you said in the GitLab issue you linked to that playing a voice clip with the "R" slur in it is the only reason you play Xonotic, and that if it was removed you would stop playing, suggests as much. Perhaps it's you, the one trying to silence and demean criticism of bigotry, who is attempting to impose censorship; and not someone like me who just runs a website and is choosing what games to recommend.
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Re: Ableism/Sanism

Postby PeterX » 21 Jan 2021, 16:48

I, too, feel Drummyfish's writings seem a lot like far right wing. I personally don't suggest banning all that is politically incorrect, and I think sometimes such banning is wrong. For example calling people with lot of skin pigments "afroamerican" is racistic imho because they are Americans, _not_ Africans. But I that'S a different story.

And I think the much greater threat for democracy and civilisation than political-correctness-dictatorship is hate-speech. That's just my opinion, but it is backed by real incidents in past and present. Every mass-movement who does mass-murder has started with "unlimited" speech. And this does apply to left-wing-dictatorships, too. For example Mao, who appealed to the youth, and then the whole country started killing intellectuals, glasses-wearers, conservatives, confucians and pro-west-people.

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Re: Ableism/Sanism

Postby Julius » 21 Jan 2021, 17:59

Not everything is a question of left and right, and this topic is turning in circles (and getting more and more off-topic anyways). Sorry, locked.
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