Arduino Game Platforms

Arduino Game Platforms

Postby dulsi » 08 Oct 2018, 02:50

I'm looking for arduino devices which come as a mostly complete product. It can require assembly but assembly should be simple and not require soldering.

Tiny Arcade and Pocket Arcade
I own both of these. The Tiny Arcade is fun to toy with but not a great gaming device. I find the Pocket Arcade to be exactly what I wanted. Programming is very easy but API is very low level. It uses the standard Aduino IDE. The two platform are compatible so you can use the same binaries on each machine. Pixels width and height are only 96x64 but I'm enjoying the challenge.

It seems to be a reasonable sized. The graphic modes are annoying to compare. It has higher resolution than the Tiny/Pocket Arcade but is more limited in color. Seems more designed for a lower color games. They seem to suggest using the online service to write programs for the platform. The offline IDE mentioned in the tutorials only provides a windows version.

Gamebuino Meta
Better display than Tiny/Pocket Arcade but otherwise similar hardware it seems. They use the Arduino IDE. The API is more advanced.

Display is black and white only but more resolution than Tiny/Pocket Arcade. API is more advanced.

Odroid Go
Seemingly the most advanced hardware. Unfortunately it seems to suggest using the system for emulators more than writing new open source games.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
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