[RealTime and Turn Based Strategy] Progress

[RealTime and Turn Based Strategy] Progress

Postby tdh10 » 18 Sep 2018, 07:58

History: Project is a fork of Freeciv game.
License for code and content: GNU/GPL v.2

1. Each player will give orders to units/cities meanwhile, but this orders will be executed, when each player will click "next turn" button. That will make the game very awesome and easier to implement. (Still work needed)
2. No AI/only multiplayer, because I don't have knowledge to write working AI (maybe somebody will implement AI)
3. Many tech tree like in Civilization 6 (done)
4. Districts (special class of cities) like in Civilization 6 (partially done)
5. Many military action, like conquering cities may be researched (at the beginning players will only attack city for slavers/resources)
6. Possible more
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Re: [RealTime and Turn Based Strategy] Progress

Postby O01eg » 18 Sep 2018, 18:08

1. This is a why I prefer freeorion instead of freeciv.

Which part of it is a realtime?
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