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Postby Creator » 11 Oct 2017, 18:43

Hi, I am a creative type from the United States of America, hence the name. I don't have any skills in coding, and only played around a little in a few SDKs, but I do have lots of ideas. If there is anything that I can do to help out with your project, or for developing new concepts, I'd love it.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby zedraken » 13 Oct 2017, 10:38

Hi !
Be welcome on that forum. I am not an old member but I am very interested by game design and development and I started to develop a small game to get familiar with one 3D engine (amongst the number of available engines).

I added a topic to showcase that game:

Beside coding, I also create 3D models and some graphics (like the spacebox used in the game).

I am always looking for new ideas / feature to add in the game, or why not creating a complete new game. So, if you have ideas (and you seem to have lots), they would be welcome and we can discuss !

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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby imaZighen » 13 Oct 2017, 18:42

Azul / Hey, I am so funny.


Am from Thamzgha/North Africa, between the fewest natives alive, am of an Amazigh origin and proud, I like Japan and Japanese Cars, and most people of England, I hate arabs and americans excluding the native people of americas.

emm I guess that's all, I hope we never meet LOL
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