Anonymous IP Vandal

Anonymous IP Vandal

Postby Magellan » 12 Aug 2017, 20:56

Hi all!

It seems someone has been consistently vandalizing LibreGameWiki pages each day for the past month or more. They edit with a different anonymous IP address each time. The vandalism is simple (probably scripted), and consists only of removing the first character from the article body. However, this character is often an infobox opening bracket, the removal of which will render garbled infobox data as text in the article. For most of this time the Revert Bot has been handling this, but it does not seem to have been operational/effective for the last few days. I have gone through and manually reverted the vandalism edits that I could find from the past several days. However, no doubt there will be more tomorrow.

I recommend disabling anonymous IP address edits for the time being. I suspect this will make the vandal grow bored and move on. It seems as though most good-faith edits are done with registered accounts on LibreGameWiki anyway.
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