Site Crawling Lab Rat Signup

Site Crawling Lab Rat Signup

Postby kiba » 19 Dec 2009, 00:56

To test the data mining software, we need some willing volunteers who are willing to test my history-reporting tool and let my dataminer crawl their site.

If you're a game developer that don't mind being a lab rat, then sign up your game project site. More info will be availiable in the future for lab rats on what test and experiment they will be performing for the sake of FOSS game scholarship.

Rest assured, no test/experiment will occur without a notification topic of some kind in this forum. Also, please be aware that you are a consenting lab rat. Some bad things may bound to happen to you, your site, or your computer because of the experiment. :lol:


Don't expect your site to get crawled anytime soon since I am working on mining sourceforge data first. If it is decided that I need to crawl your website, I will notify people in a notification thread, assuming that there are people who listed their site for crawling.
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