stk_enterprise easter_eggs.xml

stk_enterprise easter_eggs.xml

Postby annopnod » 01 Jan 2018, 04:50

i improve stk_enterprise track

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Generated with script from SVN rev 16852 -->
<easter-egg x="-7.080745" y="-1.708758" z="14.270473" h="-179.212894"/>
<easter-egg x="35.657112" y="3.281198" z="-63.377953" h="70.642768"/>
<easter-egg x="131.690430" y="3.291243" z="-63.156948" h="113.744657"/>
<easter-egg x="166.706467" y="9.291235" z="-150.845840" h="172.342093"/>
<easter-egg x="218.527832" y="9.291234" z="-113.089958" h="-4.957512"/>
<easter-egg x="216.642166" y="9.290903" z="-20.577303" h="24.259649"/>
<easter-egg x="351.261932" y="9.291238" z="28.723352" h="26.027959"/>
<easter-egg x="257.146759" y="9.291239" z="89.316704" h="-91.063395"/>
<easter-egg x="166.118103" y="9.291238" z="90.924004" h="-89.503864"/>
<easter-egg x="-0.474720" y="-1.708787" z="14.583916" h="146.586009"/>
<easter-egg x="65.957832" y="3.301408" z="-108.434120" h="129.002111"/>
<easter-egg x="102.638870" y="3.325556" z="-28.050854" h="-44.297673"/>
<easter-egg x="230.446579" y="9.291234" z="-127.854301" h="27.994066"/>
<easter-egg x="239.043121" y="9.291234" z="-97.371994" h="93.038699"/>
<easter-egg x="272.027405" y="9.291237" z="-15.326846" h="80.751844"/>
<easter-egg x="253.276535" y="9.291238" z="18.480467" h="-71.601249"/>
<easter-egg x="321.194305" y="9.291237" z="10.854621" h="89.358054"/>
<easter-egg x="322.208649" y="9.291238" z="-18.247501" h="-63.833261"/>
<easter-egg x="261.369812" y="9.291239" z="89.793411" h="-91.336691"/>
<easter-egg x="87.298607" y="3.291242" z="189.122589" h="-96.683937"/>
<easter-egg x="67.525085" y="3.291242" z="234.553909" h="-90.456928"/>
<easter-egg x="6.232800" y="3.291242" z="193.748962" h="-140.435219"/>
<easter-egg x="-14.412675" y="-1.708758" z="16.880280" h="-90.057745"/>
<easter-egg x="26.757608" y="3.291237" z="-50.441166" h="-93.885164"/>
<easter-egg x="27.005243" y="3.291133" z="-82.173355" h="-109.545415"/>
<easter-egg x="173.662552" y="7.922806" z="-118.399658" h="161.498621"/>
<easter-egg x="221.431625" y="9.291234" z="-150.698151" h="172.752833"/>
<easter-egg x="239.392685" y="9.291234" z="-111.904793" h="137.235562"/>
<easter-egg x="272.387695" y="9.291237" z="-0.490591" h="-7.691212"/>
<easter-egg x="345.570007" y="9.291238" z="33.463043" h="-87.970685"/>
<easter-egg x="262.811371" y="9.291239" z="80.893936" h="176.872052"/>
<easter-egg x="238.661499" y="8.639680" z="98.145164" h="-89.995556"/>
<easter-egg x="85.015770" y="3.291242" z="196.057709" h="157.054162"/>
<easter-egg x="42.243313" y="3.291242" z="179.985779" h="-179.718779"/>
<easter-egg x="-1.494013" y="-1.708757" z="87.258934" h="128.019725"/>
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Re: stk_enterprise easter_eggs.xml

Postby Auria » 02 Jan 2018, 00:48

As posted on github:
these files are not hand-written, they are generated from the source blender file by an exporter, so it is useless to manually edit it by hand as they will be overwritten next time the track is exported. I'm not aware of any issue with this file, so I don't think the exported needs changes, either
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