Chinese village track

Chinese village track

Postby Ludsky » 14 Aug 2017, 09:47


This track isn't my track. Is a track by David Herrera, my friend.

He need help, suggestions.....

Somes pictures :


Link for download : ... 6A0A514BF8
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Re: Chinese village track

Postby Tiger » 14 Aug 2017, 21:13

Hi, Ludsky! This is a very cool WIP. Your friend is doing a good job.

I think that you are aware about the other track in China [youtube][/youtube]. The track that already exists is "old" and placed most (probably) over the Great Wall. For this reason, I would avoid some reference to the great wall and we will have two tracks in China, but showing different cultural elements. ;) IMO, the main improvement he can do is making more realistic textures with dust, dirt and stains replacing the current solid colors (I know this is for a while) that look like if they were painted one hour ago. Here you see what I have in mind:

If was me, I would include a beautiful Chinese garden somewhere and a lot of lanterns. Check these images: ... 00&bih=787

If he likes the idea of a track at night, maybe some lanterns flying:

I'm Brazilian, then, I'm not an expert in China (I know that some people in STK have Chinese relatives who could advise better), but we have a large Asian population in Brazil. Actually, we have the largest Japanese population in the World except for Japan, of course. In São Paulo, we have a district called "Liberdade", which is mostly occupied by stores and restaurants with Asian themes. If he wanna put a lot of references in only one place, you can see some of them.
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Re: Chinese village track

Postby MTres19 » 15 Aug 2017, 01:14

First of all, it seems that this track was exported with an old exporter... :o
Please ask your friend to check the documentation or drop by on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) if he needs help.

Here are some of my thoughts, though I can see that this track is in an early stage of development:

  • The idea seems like a good one. You can make the track wind through the mountains a bit, go through a cave, etc. This keeps the track from becoming boring.
  • I suggest browsing through the textures already available in SuperTuxKart. If possible, make your own in the same style, but IMO it's better to have consistency + reusing the same textures than different art styles clashing. I've attached some relevant ones from the media repository.
  • Another issue (a seemingly common pitfall) is the scenery and details. There are basically three parts to a track, though of course they should fade smoothly together:
    • The Playground: this is the area where karts can interact with objects, crash into things, etc. Like the volleyball net on the beach of Gran Paradiso. In your case the playground would be the village streets and maybe a mountain path and anything that might be there. Look up pictures online. Maybe people leave wagons which block the path of the karts. Maybe there is a big tree that splits a path in two.
    • The Surroundings: this is the area that is off-limits to the player but is still quite detailed; for example most of the palm trees in Cocoa Temple. It's easy to focus too much on this part and turn a track into a museum, which is very pretty and beautiful but boring to drive through. In your case this is the houses and decorations between them.
    • The Skyline: this is the stuff you see far off in the distance. Objects here are really basic and you don't need to put too much work into them. The main purpose is to create immersion. You must make sure that your scenery looks like it goes on forever. You can't put this stuff in the skybox or it will look horrible and fake like Green Valley. In your case, this is the surrounding mountains and the trees, waterfalls, rocks, cliffs, etc. on them. Be creative, but don't draw too much emphasis away from the main part of the track.
  • This goes along with the previous point: try to make the terrain of the playground area a bit more interesting. The streets should go up and down, become narrow in some places and maybe widen out into a big central plaza with a communal fountain/well.

Be creative, don't give up, and please don't let criticism discourage you. Don't take things personally. (yes that sounds harsh but for some reason we tend to have problems with that... :?)
This texture would work well for cliffs.
This one is designed for an Asian track.
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Re: Chinese village track

Postby Ludsky » 15 Aug 2017, 08:47

Thanks you very much for him :)
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Re: Chinese village track

Postby david herrera » 21 Aug 2017, 16:37

well, First of all, it is a pleasure to me receive that suggestions. Now i know that there are another track placed in china, mmmm I am thinking to improve in several aspects my current track, mmm Probably I need a lot of time to do that. Again, first of all I need a lot of textures to improve the visual quality of the track.

Things that I have in mind to include in the track:
-Improve textures
-I will include a rice plantations
-add more detail to the land
-Some kinds of "flags" over the floor of the track with kanjis that would mean something like "speed" or "slow"
-Great wall of china, more realistic or more difficult like the level in crash bandicoot 3
-A part of the track with a road, and in the bottom a city landscape
-some cool stuff like "hit the jugful " and "travel trough the mystical culture of china"
-Add cantoya balloons
-Some more mysticism
My english is bad::: I should work on it :)
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