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Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2013, 21:04
by 0zone0ne
ctdabomb {l Wrote}:That's wonderful! If no one else claims it, I would like to take a whack at it. now I have said that about a few things lately, but I think i actually will for this.

If you do plan to this, then I will happily provide you with more concept art, such as a possible track layout, as well. I have a few other ideas for this track. ;)

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2013, 00:29
by samuncle
AWESOME. I love your style for concept art (I definitely should improve my drawing skills ^^).

I will probably use your concept in HD tracks. I will publish soon a list of keyword/ideas for the next gen/HD tracks to inspire artists here to make concept art.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2013, 16:04
by ctdabomb
0zone0ne {l Wrote}:If you do plan to this, then I will happily provide you with more concept art, such as a possible track layout, as well. I have a few other ideas for this track. ;)

That would be wonderful.
I had some ideas for the track. but they weren't so cartoony which seems to be the theme, rather than gloomy. If you want, I can upload my 2 minute layout/design idea picture thingy.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2013, 21:10
by samuncle
yeah sure ctabomb, why not :)

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2013, 01:17
by ctdabomb
Sorry, Weekends are a busy time for me. Still A very basic idea.(the two things in the middle are other possible layouts, that I am even lees keen on.)

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2014, 02:16
by johnnysmoke92
Auria {l Wrote}:Here is a topic where you can post track ideas!
If you only have an idea and do not plan to actually create it in blender, please use this topic to gather all ideas. Thanks!

Hey creators can you please bring back the outer space track that you had in the game earlier please? :D It''s one of my favorite tracks :)

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2014, 00:45
by Auria
johnnysmoke92 {l Wrote}:
Auria {l Wrote}:Here is a topic where you can post track ideas!
If you only have an idea and do not plan to actually create it in blender, please use this topic to gather all ideas. Thanks!

Hey creators can you please bring back the outer space track that you had in the game earlier please? :D It''s one of my favorite tracks :)

We can upload it to stkaddons so you can get it from addons. I am however currently unable to upload it, something must be wrong with the addons website, will check that...

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2014, 02:20
by Auria
johnnysmoke92 {l Wrote}:Hey creators can you please bring back the outer space track that you had in the game earlier please? :D It''s one of my favorite tracks :)

Done, the track is now available in addons

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2014, 04:15
by NeonKnightOA
Also the old lighthouse track should be included as well. But IICR there was a topic for track request, wasn't it?

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 16 May 2014, 12:21
by BioHazardX
STK needs a drains track, IMHO ; and I would also see in the future a good re-style of the desert track (the current one is bad)

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2014, 18:41
by ikachan
I was just thinking about the idea of having a linear, all downhill track and I was wondering something. Can you make it so when the carts get down the bottom they teleport to the top? Or would this interrupt with the kart AI?
Because if it is possible then you could potentially make the end of the track look exactly like the beginning of the track so the journey appears instantaneous and also appears as though you have broken physics because of the fact that you're always looping the same track and always going downhill.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 25 Jun 2014, 23:24
by LiamM32
I had an idea for randomly placed traps that are invisible until someone has hit one. Mayble also some parts that weaken when karts drive over. This may be similar to the idea of "Follow the Leader", as it gives an advantage to the karts behind as they can see the pits that the karts ahead fell into. There could also be barriers that randomly change during the race (like in Motorstorm Apocalypse), forcing them to take alternate routesI have two new ideas for tracks with this feature;
    A trail through a tropical forest. There would be multiple routes through the trees, which sometimes get blocked by falling trees. The wider parts of the track have pits of quicksand randomly placed, which are invisible until someone falls in. After someone falls in, the kart will stay there without the character as they respawn with an extra kart, but the abandoned kart will only mark the pit until it has sunk entirely (maybe leaving a bump).

    A somewhat hilly area in the winter with trails through the snowcovered coniferous forest and frozen ponds and a lake. The ice would have randomly placed weak spots that crack when someone drives over, making them fall in the frozen water. The karts leave tracks in the snow for longer than usual. But the ice gets weaker when karts drive over, and then slowly repair themselves over time. There could also be a few avalanches to vary the routes.
These traps could also be added to Shifting Sands. There could be a few pits of quicksand added to the sandy parts, and some trapdoor tiles in the pyramid. Maybe also let the wooden bridge occasionally crack on the obvious "shortcut" to the pyramid.

Another idea;
A canyon with a lake in the center. There would be a whole lot of randomized flowing water as a danger, and often dark stormy weather. It could feature a hydroelectric dam and many bridges that occasionally collapse. I realize that this would be a challenge with the physics.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2014, 16:44
by Anon
Since I started making tracks a couple of months ago, I've kept a list of any interesting ideas that I come up with. Some of the items on this list are just vague ideas of what a track could be, while others are more specific and actually specify how the track should look and drive. A lot of these ideas are rather unconventional and break the "rules" of track-making, which is probably why I find them interesting.

Here's the list, copied directly from my notes.txt:
{l Code}: {l Select All Code}

-arena where all items are hidden behind challenges, which must be passed in order to receive a weapon.
   -central lobby without weapons
   -multiple rooms branching off from central lobby
   -"The Machine"?
   -oven that fires periodically as a challenge
      -add funcitonality with an animated, invisble, rescuing object
   -spinning wheel with multiple harmful arms that must be travelled in sync with as a challenge

-track/arena that "lives"
   -animated walls with clever timing
   -race to find way around to items, if arena?

-"Centrifuge" arena (DONE)
   -plate with zipper
   -gameplay consisting of continuously running in circles at high speed
   -position on the disk can be controlled by taking the inner/outer path or nitro

-noncircular track with drivelines resembling a RPG story progression
   -checkline groups, including lap checkline
   -different parts of the world?
         -the story of mankind's spread from Africa
      -beginning somewhere with access to everywhere, each fork limits possible travel places
   -different routes favouring different modes and race lengths
   -culmination in reaching a circular part of the track, or returning to start position?

-noncircular track without circular components
   -checklines named "lap"
   -each "lap" is a different part
   -the number of laps determines how much of the track the player sees
   -"Ad Astra"
      -20 parts, each representing the game in a different stage of development.
         -original Tuxkart tracks at start
         -latest next-gen tracks at end
         -last part is pure white, representing the unknown future
            -Blender tools in scene?
            -floating videos of tracks in development?
      -*wait at until least 0.8.2, so that next-gen tracks may be included
   -compilation of all of 0zone0ne's concept art pieces?

-lo-fi theme
   -inspiration from Proteus?
   -animated textures/objects
   -spritesheet animations
   -inside a computer?
   -dark theme with lights moving and flashing
   - as music?\

-mystical land where everything is different
   -inspired by Paradise Peaks with wooden texture and Soft Mysterious Harp Loop
   -no explicit explanations given, but theories possible
   -city where everything has been petrified and crystallized?
      -contrast of some slight horror with pretty crystals
-track where nothing is as it seems
   -haunted house?
   -usage of billboards to create objects visible only from afar, which disappear when driven near
      -castle which ends up being wooden shack, etc
   -part where the player reaches lap two only to find that the track has changed (duplicate starting area)

-extremely hard track
   -nitro and boxes behind bananas, on the edge of the track, in the inside of turns, etc.
   -magnet mode
   -underground cave?
      -underground city?
   -remake of skyline?
      -futuristic city?
      -nolok's industrial city?
         -explain floating roads by covering ground with lava/slush?
         -lava city?      

-arena with multiple parts joined only by cannon
   -clever ways to prevent perpetual island-hopping
   -space stations?
      -good fit between cannon animations and warp
      -island kingdom?
         -central castle with many smaller island outposts
         -identification of cannon targets done through signs showing landmarks found only on some island.
   -Dizzy World counterpart
      -airships linked by cannons
         -cannons open and with maintenance ramps are functional, all others are decorative
         -green CRT screens displaying which airship each cannon leads to
            -would require each ship to have an unique appearance
               -fleets of airships?
                  -doesn't make sense for each ship to have cannons pointing at all ships
                     -cannons not actually in active battle use at the moment the arena is set?
         -each airship linked to all other ones, to prevent perpetual cannon-hopping

-"King of the Hill" arena
   -no weapons
   -constantly rising lava/water

-extremely narrow track
   -avoid problem of being unable to pass ai by having many paths to take

-track requiring players to constantly dodge obstacles
   -flattening objects running backwards in different lanes
      -part of Skyline?

-"Hide n Sneak" arena
   -emphasis on stealth and hiding, not reaction times/agility
      -inspired by Temple without invisible walls

-track starting in a futurstic city
   -normal + gloss mapped skyscraper windows
   -karts cannon'd to space station halfway through
      -skybox = inside of city's downtown (for skyscraper reflections)
         -city and space placed in separate sky spheres (geometry)
            -animated skies?
            -sky spheres connected with tube w/ blue-black gradient to simulate atmospheric ascension during launch
               -bent near ends, to avoid visible holes in skies
            -space placed above city
               -cannon actually launches karts upwards
      -upwards, magnetic slope right before cannon, to allow proper camera angle?
         -might not work
   -beautiful, glowing beacon of technology, human achievement, and natural (planetary) beauty
   -concepts from w/ "futuristic spaceport track"
      -spaceport by city
         -futuristic launch methods?
            -"super zipper"?      
   -concepts from w/ "extremely hard track"
      -holographics sky roads w/ magnet mode?
         -inspiration from Aperture Science Hard Light Bridge
         -too similar to rainbow road?
   -universe/story/lore ties to STK Mercury?


-crystal themed track
   -flowers and trees from Paradise Peaks v1_50
   - as music?

   -trains flattening everyone every five seconds!!!1!!

-remake of "The Stadium" as a park
   -concrete or grass floor?
   -walls replaced with hedges
   -central structure replaced with outdoor washroom?
      -pillars supporting canopy
   -central structure replaced with fountain?
      -pillars replaced with stone balls?
   -central structure replaced with pool?
      -pillars replaced with fountains?
   -entire structure a monument?
      -too sad, not bright enough

-arena inside a square stone chamber (DONE  ...kinda)
   -mariokart-esque graphical style
   -lava floor
   -statues of nolok lining wall

-one arena to go along with each track
   -same theme as track
   -reuse of textures and models from tracks

-futuristic spaceport track
   -inspired by
   -like spaceport america 50+ years into future
   -multiple rocket launch pads, all animated and in use
   -different commercial spaceplanes gliding in and taking off

Since it would be almost impossible for me to make all of these tracks alone, I'd welcome anyone who'd like to take a crack at any idea on the list. Just make sure that 1) it's not already done/in progress, and 2), you notify me about it first.

EDIT: Updated list.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 04 Aug 2014, 04:16
by samuncle

You said you want to wait when stk with magnetic texture will be released to work on some of your tracks. However this might take a lot of time (we aren't ready to release something currently).
However I like your work :) and you have original ideas. I suggest you something a bit different. Why not working for the next gen tracks with me ?
Making a next gen track takes an incredible amount of work and time. Even if you know how to make a track the amount of detail and the quality make it just highly time consuming.
I understand perfectly that you don't have the time to do it. But why not making high quality objects ?

Making one object is relatively easier compared to the process of making a whole track.
Even without too much time you can contribute to the project and help me to convert the tracks :).

The risk if you start to make a next gen track would be the loose of interest since it will take you a looooooot of time. We don't want an unfinished track.


Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2014, 06:41
by Anon
Actually, the main bottleneck for me isn't normally time limitations, but avoiding losing motivation/burning out when making tracks and arenas.

As for making objects, is this list of needed objects still up to date? If so, then I'll start working on it as soon as I can.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2014, 12:39
by samuncle
I will update the list very very soon :). I already deleted items that we don't need for the moment.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2014, 10:10
by 0zone0ne
I'm planning on doing a new concept image like this every four days or so... Let's see how long this lasts... ;)


Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2014, 19:38
by samuncle
Wow nice concept :). I would like to see more of your concepts.  They are great and very inspirational for me.


Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2014, 07:30
by 0zone0ne
A reimagining of the existing Subsea track. (Hopefully something more original next time...)


Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2014, 06:27
by 0zone0ne
A track set in a mountainous desert, styled after the deserts and canyons found in North America.


Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2014, 10:08
by Ludsky
Your picture it's so wonderful, wha. So wonderful ! Congratulations !

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2015, 19:50
by sickmind33
Better Minecraft track? As a minecrafter I could build it, but I couldn't make it in Blender

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2015, 01:23
by Anon
sickmind33 {l Wrote}:Better Minecraft track? As a minecrafter I could build it, but I couldn't make it in Blender

Ehhh... I'm honestly not too sure about the entire concept. However, if you make a Minecraft world that's absolutely epic, looks good from kart perspectives, is well thought out and well executed, etc, then I could convert it into a track for you to upload as an addon. Maybe install some shader mod to preview how it'll look in STK.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2015, 09:17
by GrandChaos9000
Here's my request for track ideas since I was drawing about a year ago, and it is called “The Jolly Candy Cane Forest”.

So anyways, what do you think?

The Jolly Candy Cane Forest.jpg
The original link from deviantART:

Feel free to create your own or get the appropriate assets (including models, objects and textures), music and a track path. Then after when you've done for a long time, just don't forget to submit the add-on for current stable up to the latest beta release.

Re: Track Ideas

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2015, 02:26
by penguin2233
leae89 {l Wrote}:Hi, Im new here.

How about a track "inside a computer CPU" or "the first to reach the goal (only one lap in a long long track)"

maybe a cpu in a motherboard with RAM and hdd + cd-rom