Track: Grand Coastia (Work In Progress, feedback wanted)

Re: Track: Grand Coastia (Work In Progress, feedback wanted)

Postby fodoman » 22 Mar 2021, 23:18

I really like the design of this track and its BGM. It has a very nice theme to it.

The block textures and colors suggest that it could very well be a nice coastal city in Al Axandria, based on port cities of Eastern Africa that were affiliated with some old, relatively powerful empire of the past. Oya, Ashanti, Ghana, etc. to name a few.

I'm not suggesting it out of some odd and warped social media ideology, but because it is something new, interesting and refreshing that has not been done many times in games yet. If done well and properly, it could boost your portfolio and even your image as a game designer.
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Re: Track: Grand Coastia (Work In Progress, feedback wanted)

Postby tlbomb » 10 Apr 2021, 21:06

tempAnon093 {l Wrote}:
tlbomb {l Wrote}:This could actually be a nice track, once it's finished. It is already fun to race. I think that this track should be added to the main tracks if it has got nice graphic design.
I really appreciate the work of (track-) designing and modelling. ;)

Thanks! I'm very glad to hear that you appreciate the work :)
I definitely designed it to be fun to race, with challenging turns and a nice theme. I doubt it will get to the main tracks simply because there are some very difficult turns (the U-turns and blind corner near the water) that might be too challenging for beginners to put in the main, especially since the AI karts can't do the U-turns properly yet.
With that said, it will probably become a featured track add-on once I have time to make it look good with proper houses.

Another idea: Doesn't that cute town by the sea deserve a Lighthouse? ;)
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Re: Track: Grand Coastia (Work In Progress, feedback wanted)

Postby theodorepringle » 18 Apr 2021, 06:59

I did some testing here, in the current version heavyweights should definitely be fastest in time trial, but not by much compared to most other tracks, especially for the first lap it's very close between a heavyweight and a middleweight.

I don't really like tracks such as Minigolf with a very narrow road and too many sharp turns, but here the road is wide and there are only a few really difficult turns, so I think it's fine. Regarding some other things that were discussed here, I don't think it's a problem that there aren't many places to get a red skid here, there aren't really any places where getting a red skid is useful in XR591 for instance. I'm also not sure about having an alternate path or shortcut, they can sometimes add to gameplay but a lot of the currently existing ones in official tracks aren't really that well balanced, and I feel like the track doesn't really need one. Overall the gameplay in this track is pretty decent, the graphics could be improved though.
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