Comments/suggestions about story mode

Comments/suggestions about story mode

Postby lumberjack6 » 10 Aug 2020, 04:34


A few suggestions about Story Mode:

1. At some point down the road, it would be nice to have better graphics, so that when Nolok or somebody else speaks, their lips can match the words they're saying, and so that the characters can make detailed facial expressions (but of course, that may depend on STK's budget)

2. Personally, I thought it was odd that Nolok is the only character that speaks in Story Mode. It might have been cool to see Tux try to argue with Nolok after he said he had kidnapped Gnu, or maybe see Tux speak to Gnu when he rescues him (or Gnu speak to Tux). But on the other hand, I also realize there are some video game protagonists in other games that never speak even though other characters speak to them (Chell in Portal, Crash Bandicoot in Crash Team Racing, etc.)

3. Another thing I thought was odd was that Tux has to break Gnu out of jail after he defeats Nolok, even though Nolok promised he would release Gnu himself if Tux defeated him. Did Nolok renege on his word or something? Also, it might have been cool to see Nolok give a brief speech after being defeated (something along the lines of "You defeated me, the King of the Karts? Impossible! But I will follow through on my word and release your friend." Or something like that.)
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